Thursday, May 7, 2009

Robinella Buzzerbomb

This is Buzzer.

She was a teensy, wee thing that was left in the house across the street when they moved about 5 years ago. They had tried to catch her along with the other feral cats they had in the barn (they took them all with to their new country house), but this one wee kitten and her look-alike feral mom were too wiley.

After they moved, the house remained vacant for the summer. I'd go over and try to catch the wee little kitten. She was so tiny. But she was wary and I couldn't get near her - not even with a can o' tuna.

Pretty soon, the mama cat began bringing this tiny kitten to our house for food. Every day they would cross the dirt road. The same road cars and truck go FLYING down. This was bad.

One day Furry Husband put a dish of tuna in our driveway and the wee kitten wandered over by herself for some food. Furry Husband got close enough to grab her but she wigged out and scratched the crap outta him. He dropped her, blood dripping from his hands and she continued to eat. I put some leather gloves on and snuck up on the hungry kitten stuffing her face.

I GRABBED her and I grabbed her but good.

We kept her in our heated storage building and we'd go in every night to feed her and tame her down. When she was comfortable with people, we took her to the vet. Her belly was big and round like a tennis ball with the worm load she was carrying and she was farting and burping with all the good food she was eating. She was SO stanky.

We ended up named her Robinella Buzzerbomb and started calling her wild mama, who continued to visit for food, Mom-inella. Mom-inella was hit by a car about a month after Robinella Buzzerbomb became an indoor, vaccinated, spayed, well-fed and well loved member of our house. And yes. I am a complete and total crazy damn cat lady. meh.

She tamed down into this:

She can leave at any time. I'm not holding her there. She likes to take angry swipes at Booker, the big 75 lb dog lying next to me.

How sad is this? It's what we country-folk likes to do for fun at night in the country after takin' a few nips o' the moonshine.


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Shanster,
LOL, you are the crazy cat lady! Seriously though, it's great that you guys were able to rescue and "domesticate" this ktty ... even though I'm not a cat person (I'm allergic), I think she's a very pretty kitty. I'm glad she ended up in a good home, not the horrible fate her mother suffered. And what a fun name for her! Buzzerbomb, heh.

DebH said...

I had one of those show up in the goat barn this winter. Full grown though and pissey with a horrible hissey attitude. I started leaving a half cup of goats milk every time I I have an absolute pest when milking. Crawling under their legs and mine and mewing for the goods. I created a monster!!

Shanster said...

IVG - S'ok! Not everyone likes cats or has too. :) Good thing Furry Husband does since he's stuck with me and the 6 cats we've accumulated since moving to the country. I only had 2 when I met him... I'm practicing for when I'm 80 and live alone.

DebH - Awww - but a CUTE monster I bet! Funny how the attitude changes when they are hoping for a bit o' milk eh?

Foxxy said...

I love cats. I always had them when I was growing up. In fact one of my brothers still has a scar from trying to bathe one of my little kitties when we were kids. My current landlord doesn't allow cats so now I have a bunny. He is the most attitudinal little bunny around.

Shanster said...

Foxxy - I love it that you have a bunny. I had a bonded pair o' house rabbits for a long time.

My girl bunny used to follow me around and lick the tops of my feet in the summer when I was barefoot. They lived to be old bunnies!