Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kicking myself!

I was kicking myself yesterday for not carrying a camera around. I know other bloggers do and I haven't gotten into that habit. (yet) I see so many things in a day that smack me right upside my funny bone! The other night, driving home, there was a mobile home with laundry hanging on a clothes line and a huge, black, shaggy llama sitting under the laundry chewing it's cud. It made me laugh!

Anyway, I went to the clinic with Debbie Rhiel-Rodriguez and there was a brand spankin' new foal at the barn! He was born at 5:30 in the morning and he was adorable! Wobbly, unsure, fuzzy and full of promise. And I kicked myself (again) for not having a camera to share his sweet whiskered face with you!

My clinic was good. Debbie was not as optimistic as Jennifer and she nit-picked me to death! Which is good because I keep working and I keep looking for more and more when I ride. I need to remember that Sera travels with her haunches a bit to the inside down the long side of the arena - I MUST keep her straight. I let Sera get a bit low in her poll (the top of her head) and I need to keep her poll uphill for the required collection. I can't let her fall in on the smaller circles and I need to keep the jump in the canter by activating her hind leg with my inside leg. I need to keep my elbows still during the medium trot ... and funny how keeping my elbows still makes me bounce around more in the saddle so much more that I have a hard time sitting that trot!

The big question of the day is: How can my elbows be connected to my ass end?! That is completely bizarre to me and makes me laugh! Another thing out of many to work on. At least Debbie agrees we are ready for Second Level, there are things I need to keep working on to make my scores better.

I'll go watch The Cowboy (Anthony) work my young horse tonight in the pen. I keep promising him beer and I keep forgetting to stop at the liquor store to get some. When your husband is a wine salesman and works in liquor stores all day, you forget about going somewhere to BUY alcohol. I never have to buy beer or wine anymore - it's always just THERE. And that my friends is a good, good thing.


DebH said...

you sound like stuff is just good right now and you are having a blast with your clinics. I agree on the beer, " a good good thing"
I talk like I am going to head in for one, and by the time I get to is just too late or I forget.
I must make notes!!!

Shanster said...

Oh DebH you must NEVER forget the beer! heh

Kelley said...

You DO need to carry a camera!!!!

I'm glad your Debbie clinic went well... she and Jennifer really complement each other.... so MUCH to do!!!