Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Monday!

I skipped work to stay home and play today. The farrier came to trim horse hooves first thing this morning and then I took baby Rosso over to Anthony's.

When I take pictures you guys are NOT going to be disappointed, though, I didn't want to scream whack-a-doo to poor Anthony when he met me, so I left the camera home today.

Anthony said he's start Rosso with the basics in the round pen which is what my trainer and I did when I brought Rosso home from the race track so I'm sure Rosso will be thinking, "Geez. I get it already! Basics!" But Anthony needs to know where Rosso's training is and see if there are holes and where Rosso's brain is at. Once that is over, he'll begin riding.

I about choked when he said, "I'll track some cattle on 'im" Rosso is gonna love that. NOT. Maybe Rosso will have a heart attack and die in the pen full of cows? I could see THAT happening! It's all good - Rosso needs to be out of his element and learn everything is fine if he puts his trust in the hooo-mans.

Weekend was good. My sister's visit was fine. The baby is super cute and seems to LOVE dogs. Good thing since we have three of them. Our dogs were licking her to death and she didn't seem to mind one bit which is amazing. She actually opened her mouth for dog tongues - ewwww. Practicing for her teenage years?

Our cattle dog mix, Bequia, LOVES children. Just LOVES them. When we brought her home from the humane society, if she heard a children's voice, her whole body would waggle and she'd whine and look for the child. She wishes we'd have a baby but sadly, Bequia will have to get her baby fix with the neice.

The baby was using Bequia's hair/skin to pull herself up to stand and Bequia was too happy to assist, it was pretty funny to watch. Also, cuz my entertainment threshold is super low.

Sister was good... she thinks our Dad exaggerates his illness to get more attention. I can't imagine THAT. Losing all your belongings and living in 1/2 of a nursing home room with a comatose man just to get attention? I suppose we all cope with stuff differently. (meaning my sister coping with my Pa's illness)

Hope you all had a lovely Monday! I did!


DebH said...

Good to hear!! ...and what a silly thing to think, exagerating??!! I have aging parents and totally understand the worry the guilt and the pain. Sometimes things said, just come out wrong and leave it at that.
Good for you on taking off Monday, I too decided it was too nice a day and knocked off early.
Also, I am waiting impatiently for a hunky photo...I am checking daily :)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Shanster,
I wish I could have played hooky today too, but noooo, I had to be inside on a sunny day slaving away. Sounds like Anthony has his hands full with Rosso, and hope he can help you get him in line to be a good horse!

We have two little neighbor boys who are in love with Hanna (even though they have 2 dogs of their own) and have been coming over knocking on the door wanting to visit her! LOL... she loves em right back and smothers them with kisses and leaps. We're glad our dogs have always been kid friendly and sounds like yours are too!

Shanster said...

DebH - I know. We all just process different so I was like wha?? and left it alone! Wednesday looks to be a picture day... Anthony will do some round pen work with Rosso and told me to call him to arrange a time for me to come and watch.

Poor IVG! Working on a Monday? It was a GREAT day off for me! Yes, I think kid friendly dogs are important. Too much at stake if they aren't! I'm so glad Hanna is such a star!

olivia said...

Good to read that your visit went well!