Friday, May 15, 2009

My girl, Sera

I always wanted a warmblood horse. I worked a 2nd job for a couple years to save up for one. My trainer breeds Holsteiner horses and I bought a baby from her while it was in utero with a maiden mare (a horse that's never had a foal). I paid a bargain price since we didn't know what the mare would produce and I bought him as a little blob in the mare's belly.

He was born in 2001 and was a beautiful dark bay colt. I brought him home once he was weaned and he lived with us for 2 yrs. He was wonderful!

New Years Eve of 2004 I met Furry Husband at the restaurant he was managing at the time to ring in the New Year. We got home around 1am after closing the restaurant down and when we walked in the gate, our old gelding was nickering... just nickering over and over.

Hmmm. That is really odd, I'll go check on the horses and see what's up.

Our little 3 yr old colt, Louie - short for Callaloo - had tried to jump our fence and hadn't made it. He was down and injured badly. I screamed for Furry Husband and we called the vet who lives 3 houses down from us. I called my trainer and she came flying over.... the vet told me IF we got the colt to CSU, and IF he made it, he would never be sound again. The cost of the trip would have been at least $5K. Money we just didn't have. We put him down. It was one of the most awful nights of my life.

But, the thing is, life keeps going and time doesn't stop for anyone or anything. The world marches on.

After a month or so, I began looking for another horse. A vet in the area knew about my situation and told me about a young Thoroughbred mare near-by who had colic'd (had a tummy ache) and when she tubed the mare with electrolytes and mineral oil for the colic, she didn't need to sedate her or anything which sort of impressed her. She mentioned it to me and it so happened this mare was for sale.

I called the owner and made an appointment to see her. The was just something about her I really liked. I NEVER EVER thought I would own a young, Thoroughbred mare. I preferred geldings (neutered males) and I had heard so many bad things about Thoroughbreds... how hot and wild they could be. But there was just something about this mare I liked and I needed another horse to help mend my broken heart.

The mare passed her pre-purchase exam and I bought her in the spring of 2003. She had been to the racetrack for training but never raced because she was so slow. She was the first young horse I rode and trained.

We've been through a lot together. She went through a naughty phase like Rosso is going through now. Her thing was rearing.... she scared me to death! I got through it and she doesn't even think of rearing anymore. She still has her opinons, she just voices them in ways that are much more acceptable now!

I think one of the first shows I took her to, she backed out of the arena during my ride... I couldn't get her to go forward no matter how much I kicked. She kept backing and backing and backing until she bumped into the wall with her big butt and took out a plastic ring marker with one of the dressage letters on it.

Now when people see her, they don't remember all those rotten times... they think she is so easy and sweet as pie. They talk about what a nice mare she is and what a good work ethic she has. And she is all of those things ... NOW. I love her to pieces and I've learned so much from her. We named her Seraphim because she was truly heaven sent to us so soon after Louie's death.

I call her Sera and I've been at a clinic the last 2 days with Jennifer Baumbert who studies with Conrad Schumacher. Jennifer is an AWESOME teacher and we LOVE it when she visits CO for clinics.

Furry Husband tried pictures but our digital camera wouldn't focus on the moving things... only on the walls or on Jennifer, the instructor. He got some video clips though! Here I am with my girl, Sera!


Dedene said...

Is that Sera in the picture? She's beautiful. I'm glad she turned out to be such a darling.

Shanster said...

Yup - that's her! Thank-you, I love her very much! I went in to edit the blog to put that it IS Sera and one of my videos disappeared?? What the heck!? I didn't touch the html... sigh.

Heather said...

This was a really great post! I'm so sorry about Louie! Sera is wonderful, and doesn't it feel great to know that that you got her to where she is! Watching a horse progress is too cool! I would love to see more video of you and Sera!

We are off to Lawrence this weekend, its my first time leaving someone else in charge of Boomer!

Foxxy said...

Wow.. I don't know much about horses but I love to watch other people ride them. Do you compete often? So sorry to hear the little wren didn't make it.

Cheryl said...

Sorry to read about the little wren and Louie. But you're blessed with one gorgeous horse. My nieces would think you're the luckiest, coolest person in the world!

DebH said...

What a graceful girl, you should be quite proud of yourself. I love videos, it gives a great new perspective. Thanks for sharing!

Shanster said...

Heather - yes, it does feel awesome! Good luck with your weekend and Boomer!!

Foxxy - Sometimes I compete... this year I am planning on 3 or 4 shows but last year I didn't compete at all. I know - poor little wren - bummed me out!

Cheryl - I dunno bout "coolest" cuz I am a HUGE dork. I do feel awful lucky tho! :)

DebH - Thanks - it's a BIG sense of accomplishment for sure!