Friday, May 8, 2009

The butthead was nice last night...

I'm trying to ride Sera one night and Rosso the next night. I COULD ride them both but I don't get inside until 9pm when I do that. Furry Husband still likes me and wants me around so I ride one and come inside for dinner, wine and laughs with my schweetie pa-teetie. (oh, sorry. did I make you gag a little?)

I always lunge Rosso first cuz I don't trust him. And true to form, he took off like a race horse out of the gate careening around like a wild jungle animal. I don't try to stop him anymore - figure if he wants to work that much - he can and he will KEEP working until I say it's o.k. to stop. Once I thought he'd had enough, I climbed up on him. He was soaked in sweat from ears to tail and I was most definately the easy thing for him.

They say when you are training animals, whether it's dogs or horses or whatever. Make the right thing, the think you want them to do, the easiest option.

He was very nice and pleasant and I had a good ride. So good that I though, "Hmm. Maybe I don't need to take him to Anthony?"

Don't worry!

I quickly squashed that thought. I didn't mean to scare you. Anthony should be calling any day now with a space in his barn for Rosso.

After all, I'm scared to canter with Rosso. I admit it. The idea scares me! I'm such a weenie!

This winter he was so "stuck" and would hardly go forward and we worked on getting him to move when I asked. Now he is ready to canter but I'm afraid of what he might do and I could be squashed like a bug! So yeah. I still need the built like a brick house, cute, Aussie to help me with my confidence and my young horse.

A fox came to visit. Ran through our pasture making a bee line for Split Pea, our indoor/outdoor kitty! I made Furry Husband run outside to chase it away. Furry Husband complied by beating his chest and growling like a fierce Mountain Gorilla. Such a good protector!

Mr. Foxy Loxy kept right on going through our pasture and into Mr. Dailey's place. I do love the foxes. Maybe the fox will poop a smiley face on Mr. Dailey's doorstep!

Furry Husband brought home a GRILL last night! We've been without one for a year because the tornado blew ours away and we didn't had the extra money for a new one and then it was winter and we didn't think we needed one and the hardware stores stopped carrying them. Anyway, we have one now and he grilled up steaks last night that were so rare a good vet coulda still saved the steer. MMMMM

We finished up the night by making fromage blanc goat cheese, which is hanging in it's cheesecloth ready to be flavored and consumed when I get home today. Goat cheese delicious-ness baby, goat cheese delicious-ness.


Heather said...

A tornado in Colorado?

Are you gunna flavor it with ash?

Shanster said...

Yes a tornado! I left the midwest for a reason and it followed me to Colorado!

Ash... yes. I have the remains of my cremated cat on my nightstand. I'm sure she'd appreciate becoming "part of me" through the goat cheese. Ewwww - now you got me grossing myself out!

Shanster said...

oh yeah - and I linked the word tornado for you! I was being L-A-Z-Y....

Cheryl said...

Home made goat cheese! That sounds so exotic to me. I can't even imagine how that's made, sadly.
And...foxes eat cats? Whoa, no wonder they hunt them in England...

Heather said...

Holy tornado!!!

I know carbon is carbon is carbon, but it really makes a difference(to me, anyway). I would totally have to know where it came from before I could eat it.

So far, volcanic ash is the only kind I can think of eating without being freaked.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you have enough courage to get on that horse. The people next door have horses but I've never been brave enough to ride one.
The home-made fromage de chevre sounds MIAM!

Shanster said...

Cheryl - oh, goat cheese is way easier to make than cookies .. well, unless you get the pre-made cookie dough I guess. HA! I know - bad little foxys - maybe they wouldn't go for a BIG cat but Split Pea is a dainty thing. We keep trying to convince her she WANTS to live inside.

Heather - would it matter which volcano? :)

Dedene - I dunno either - I just love riding tho! Oh, and it IS miam and I don't even know what miam is!

Anonymous said...

Miam is YUM in French.

Shanster said...

Then most definately MIAM, MIAM, MIAM!