Monday, January 17, 2011

Toe is a RN dog now....

Mom.... I'm tired.
Yup. He's officially a registered nurse now.
No. That can't be right....
Oh, yeah. RN stands for a rally novice title in the AKC world. grin.

Saturday was packed... it was a rally and obedience only show. I saw faces I hadn't seen in nearly 10 yrs. It was sort of weird and I was the first dog in the ring... never having done rally before... not having been in a ring for a helluva long time.... I was really nervous.

So nervous, Toe was thinking, "who ARE you?". He began to blow me off cuz I was all wigged out. I noticed my knees were knocking and my hands were shaking. Told myself - "Hey Self. This is a dog show... no babies are going to die if you mess up. This is nothing in the whole wide world of things."

Dunno why I get myself so wound up.

I had a handler error that cost me 10 points for a final score of 82 out of 100. Still passing. We had our first leg.

Second day I wasn't as nervous... Furry Husband came to cheer me on...I scored 99 and took SECOND place out of 28 dogs! Way to go Toe! Second leg aquired.

Third day - today - the course was longer, harder and Toe was wearing out. We scored a respectable 93 and we picked up our third leg for his RN title. Yippee!

Overall we had fun and rally was a great, low-key, positive way to get back in the ring after all these years. Now we focus on getting his novice obedience, or CD, title.


I think you can safely say I'm a true animal geek.


Anonymous said...

Toe really must have been tired. I'm not sure I've ever seen him look so serious. :o) Congrats again to you two!

Did I ever tell you the "there's no crying at dog shows" story? My frist show ever and Rem looked totally untrained. He did his three stays (sit, down, stand) but that was IT! I was horrified and came of the ring crying. Gail comes up to me and tells me there's no crying at dog shows. So supportive at my first trial.

You did great! - Hez

Melinda said...

Congratulations to BOTH of you!!

I would be nervous too!

Shanster said...

Aww Hez - that is so sad! It was like in a League of Their Own... theres no crying in baseball... but now you completely rock in the ring. Geez. Harsh... shaking my head.

Thanks Melinda!

DebH said...

catching up on your posts and WoW!
He looks so smart sitting there with his awards surrounding him! He has such a good life with you and he just knows it!!

Shanster said...

DebH - I hope so... I do love the little fella!