Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rally and Joe Hill

I received my judging program for the Rally show I entered Little Toe in.


I'm nervous!

This will be the first "show" since I was showing Booker in obedience and conformation... so long ago... in a galaxy far, far away.

The Novice classes begin at 11:50am each day... Novice B goes first then my class, Novice A. Monday, I'm the FIRST one in the ring for my class. *nervous sweating begins*

You'd think by Monday, I'd be settled in right? Oh, you should all be so very glad you don't live in my head!

I'm hoping to get Toe's Rally title in one weekend. If we don't, it'll be my fault for being weird and nervous enough that Toe looks at me and thinks "What in the...."

Wonder if they sell any margarita's at the venue? That aughta relax me... could slosh into the ring. Oh hell, that wouldn't be a good idea either.

Speaking of hell....

I finished "Horns" by Joe Hill last night.

HIGHLY recommend it. Joe Hill is the pen name for Stephen King's son. It is not scary like his Pa, tho it is in a similar vein. It won't have you jumping out of your skin or terrified to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when the house is dark... however, it is an excellent read in it's own right.

Wonderfully imaginative, well thought out, developed, surprise twist or two, characters you love and others you hate, along with an ending that makes you give a big, happy, bittersweet sigh.

Was hard to put the book down. I think it's better than his last book, Heart Shaped Box and think his books are only going to get better and better.

Poor Furry Husband had to repeat things to me more than twice while I was engrossed. It's worse than trying to get a guys attention when he's really into a close football game with his favorite team and only seconds on the clock, when I'm sucked into a good book.

Hmmm? Whazzat honey? Whadja say? Sorry, I was at a good part....

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