Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm baaaack...

Just like a rusty penny or a smelly cat.... I always turn up again.

Portland Oregon was fun - I didn't get to really SEE much of the Portland area because 98% of the time was spent indoors at the dog show. My friend was running 2 of her border collies in agility... and if anyone has ever shown animals before, there is a lot of waiting in betwixt classes and divisions etc.

People and dog watching was great - the show was a qualifier for the agility world team - there were some speedy ass dogs and handlers in those rings.

And there are so many dog breeds now that I don't know. *gasp!* Wha, wha, WHAT? How is that possible? I regularly scope out dog breeds and watch dog shows on t.v....

I think Furry Husband and I must've missed parts of Westminster the last couple years. We're gonna have to tape it and study it this year. I saw a Pumi for the first time... a herding breed. I saw a smooth coated Saluki.... a wire haired Pharoh hound.... Who knew they could come that way? And I saw some giant working breed called a Leonberger or something... from Germany... used for carting and the like.

There were 2 English Cockers showing in agility and I talked to each of the owners and loved on their dogs - such sweet little loves - I missed the breed ring with the English Cockers tho dangit.

(Oh. wait. are you all noticing what an animal freak I am?? Is it shining thru? All my animal dork-dom in full bloom?)

My friend and I made it to 2 Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives from the Food Network show.... Pine State Biscuits - can you say YUM? A hot, flaky, buttery biscuit fresh from the oven with marionberry jam? Fabulous! I don't know what a marionberry is, they must be an OR thing and boy are they yummm-my. We also found a place called Pok Pok, a fabulously incredible Thai place with a cozy atmosphere and a hugely helpful waiter that we loved because he gave us on the money food and drink suggestions.

We had a lot of fun hanging out together, catching up and the best part was coming home to my little furry life-style in our teeny-tiny house in CO.



Cheryl said...

Any photos? What new breeds did they have?

Those pine state biscuits sound really good!!! Reminds me of this gigantic, plate sized scone smothered in butter that I once had in Carmel. Still think about scone now and then...

Shanster said...

The ones I mentioned in the post and some I couldn't even pronounce... so I'll have to watch Westminster and see what new dogs have been admitted to AKC and when. Fun for a nut like me! grin.

Yum.... I was sorry I hadn't heard of the donut place before I left! Next time.... there is always a next time. Thanks for the tip!

DebH said...

Good to see you back and sounds like me on dog breeds lately. I have seen some different names on different types of guardian dogs I didn't know existed. Do they just invent them new every year or are there so many Old breeds just resurfacing again? I have always wanted to go to anything highlighted on Diners,D&D..I LOVE eating!! It shows!
And I bet you found out how much you missed/loved your own animals while you were gone too..seems you always appreciate all of them more when you dont get to see them for a bit. and You without critters?? that would be horrible, especially for the critters, they need people like you!