Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Tricks...

I came back from the dog show all geeked to do more stuff with our dogs. Was flippin' through the dog trick book and decided to teach Toe to play bow... when dogs go down on their front paws with their little butts up in the air?

Here is my problem. I can never think of a cute command to pair it with when I want to teach it! I didn't want to use "bow" or "curtsy" so I used "show me your stump"... his tail is docked and he's sometimes affectionately called our little stump wagger.

The ladies at work told me I should have used "booty" or "junk in your trunk" or "hiney" vs. the stump command.

Ah well.... stump it is since he's figuring it out already.

I think the puppy, Keenan, is getting it too but for her I say "show me your tail" as she has one. grin.

Dogs sure are fun when it's winter and you are trapped inside with dark and cold and you can't ride a horse!

Wonder how weird I'd be without the indoor ani-mules?
I think no one ever wants to find that out!

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~Tonia said...

Lol at show me your stump!! I never thought I would have inside dogs and they provide LOTS of entertainment.
Our kids were gone for a few days and every creak and thump from the back door sent them running and barking thinking it was the girls... Then they would go back to the couch, lay down and wait.. They about drove me insane!!