Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can you say .... dork?

A couple years ago I met my best friend from high school in Seattle. She lives in Fairbanks, AK now and it's cheaper (thank-you Southwest!) to fly to Seattle than it is to fly to Fairbanks.

While we were exploring the Seattle market, we side-stepped into a funky little magic store. I bought this. I dunno why, but I've always wanted to learn how to make balloon animals.

I know. I'm weird.

I've had this little baggie o' balloons sitting around for a couple years because when I tried to blow one of them up... after stretching it... my eyeballs about burst out of my head and I almost gave myself a stroke.

I talked to a woman at work who is an actual, real-live, clown as a side gig. She told me I needed a balloon pump. So the balloons sat because when I'm out and about running errands I would never think... "Oh! I need to stop and pick up a balloon pump...."

And then something magical happened last night.

Furry Husband left this air pump thingy out after putting more air in our exercise ball.


I put one of the balloons on the end of the air pump thingy and ... it worked! I looked at the directions to make a balloon dog on the back of that little purple piece o' paper and.....


I offered to try and make a hat for Furry Husband...
I don't know why but he walked out of the house, got in his car and drove away.
Geez. I hope he comes back....


Fyyahchild said...

OMG...I'm at work trying not to pee my pants because I'm laughing so hard. Do NOT do that to a woman who's had three kids. Thanks!

DebH said...

just the thing I needed today! You are a HOOT!!
Keep him guessing...strike that....Wonderin!! Thats a good tactic and I just BET he'll be back for more!

Kelley said...

Please don't go into the world of clowns... they scare me!!!! Nice dog though. Balloon animals are harmless enough.... and I love it when a "Genius Idea" actually works. HA!HA!HA!

Shanster said...

Fyyahchild - glad I made you laugh! We still have that balloon dog on our table too!

DebH - oh yeah, he knew what a weirdo I was before he married me. There was no hiding it!

Kelley - no. No clowns. Just the balloon animals. Next time you're up I'll make you a giraffe....or a bunny....or a dachshund... or a hat...or an octopus.... such fun to be had with an air pump and balloons. *nert*