Wednesday, January 19, 2011

B effing RRRRRR

I had a Debbie clinic today in Johnstown which is about 45 minutes away. Furry Husband and I got up early to go walking with the dogs and it was 27. Which may sound cold but it felt really good.... there was no wind and there was cloud cover so to me it felt much warmer than 27.

As the morning went on it warmed up to 30 with sun, no wind and it really felt pretty nice out. Boy that sun makes a difference doesn't it?

I loaded Sera up, drove to my clinic... rode. Nice ride... practiced lateral work, lengthening and collection. No changes this time because Sera Sue was anticipating and kickin' like a chicken. So we did some canter work asking her for lateral movements shoulder fore, haunches out, straighten, half-pass, straighten to get her desensitized to my leg... just cuz my leg is there doesn't mean I'm gonna ask for a flippin flying change. yeesh.

I cooled her out and noticed a black cloud bank coming. Snow began to swirl in the air. I loaded her up and beat it home. About 15 miles was white out, strong winds... thinking, "uh-oh....not liking this...." but you gotta just keep going.

Got home and with the 20 mph wind, the temp is 12.

And that is B effing RRRRRR.


Melinda said...

Now to me, that is COLD...Tonight its supposed to ice a bit, then snow and then turn very windy and cold. I already told my boss I wanted one of my *free* days off tomorrow, so I dont even need to worry about getting up and out in it. WOOOHOOO snow day!!

Shanster said...

Lovely! LOVE those cozy, stay-inside, snow days!!!