Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter is here

We've had a very dry and mild winter so far.

Not today.

It's 1 with wind gusts of 38 mph and a wind chill of -22.

We left the dogs inside when we went out to do chores... no sense in them being absolutley miserable along with us.

Poor goats and horses! They all have extra hay to eat and generate heat... the goats houses are bedded with straw but... dang. Everyone still looks damn cold and miserable.

Wishing for the wind to stop soon.

Oh. And lucky me... I'm cleaning the barn today! 10 stalls and an outside paddock. May not be my best work today.... I'm jus' sayin'.


Cheryl said...

Wow, and I was just thinking how horribly cold it was today here. Hope it warms up there, or at least you get some snow to play in!

Shanster said...

Thinking of you - think the cold is all relative. My friend in AK says it's cold when it's -22 as a standard... my friend near NV says it's cold when it's 40... grin.