Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goat Ultrasound Party.

The above is what Furry Husband and I did Saturday night.

We are pretty weird. (I didn't really need to tell you that did I?)

We went to the Larson's house... they were ultra sounding their does. We coulda brought our does too but since we aren't breeding them this year, it would have been even weirder if we brought them.

We watched a goat being ultra sounded.... the vet couldn't see anything indicating pregnancy.

She stopped, walked over to a cupboard and pulled out this soft case that looked like a shotgun cover.

Furry Husband said, "Wow. You guys are hard core. She's not pregnant so now you're gonna shoot her?"



The soft shotgun case held a long thin ultrasound attachment. It was lubed up and promptly inserted into said doe's rectum.

Guess it gives a clearer pix than the ultrasound roller whatjamacallit on the outside of the goat's belly.

Turns out the doe WAS pregnant after all. Cigars all around.

I became so absorbed in trying to read ultrasound screens that I didn't notice Furry Husband slipped out with Mr. Larson to go in the house, out of the cold and product test the hot chili bubbling on the stove and the frosted Christmas cookies...

Does that make me a bad wife? I didn't even notice he was gone! I was too absorbed with goats. Am I a bad person?

The rest of the does were ultra sounded and I can say with absolute confidence, I can identify a goat bladder full of pee on ultrasound.

Uterus? Nope. Can't see it.

Placenta? No.

Baby goat-lets? Right. No. I can't i.d. them either.

I can tell if a goat has to pee tho'.

And I think that could save some one's pants or shoes from splash back.

So yeah. I think i.d.ing a full goat bladder is pretty important.


Kelley said...

HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! It's a start. Needless to say, I do Not think you are a bad person for not noticing Furry Husband slipping off for Chili. You have to prioritize some times... he chose hot chilli and you chose ultrasounds and goats... nothing wrong with that!

~Tonia said...

LOL!!! Thats great! Not a bad person for not noticing.. Otherwise that may make ME a bad person for getting absorbs in my stuff... Of course he gets absorb in his trucks and stuff and doesnt notice much...lol

Shanster said...

Kelley - really? Nothing?

Tonia - glad I can help you out! grin.