Thursday, December 16, 2010

Song in your heart?

You ever wake up with a song playing over and over in your head? Like the instant your eyes open there is this song in your head in a loop.... you aren't even fully conscious yet and here is this song playing, clear as day, in your brain.

Today I woke up with that 70's? 80's? song... "Domo arrigato Mr. Robot-O"

What the hell is that?

I don't know any more of the song other than that stupid phrase. I don't know who sings it. I never liked it. I never bought it. Never encouraged anyone around me to listen to it and yet....

Today. December 16, 2010. 9 days away from Christmas. In my 40th year of life. This is the song stuck in my head when my little sleepy eyes cracked open.

Where did it come from? Why is that taking up any space in my brain. C'mon - I need all the brain cells I can spare. I don't need to waste them on a file like that.

Two weeks ago I woke up with Whitney Houston in my head. A song from before she got all whacked out and drugged up with Bobby Brown. Talk about a bad influence. Don't get near that Bobby Brown. He'll mess you up.

"I believe that children are our future... teach them well and let them guide the way... show them all the beauty they posses insiiiiiide..... "

Seriously. Did I ever own Whitney Huston albums? No. My little sister liked her. Did I? No. Did I wanna dance with somebody? No.


You and I need to have a talk.

No more.

I don't know what you are up to while I'm sleeping. Don't know what sort of parties you go to. Don't care. No more of this crappy 70 and 80's music. C'mon. I mean it. Quit with the bad music.

Quit bringing it home with you.


I'm serious.

Are you listening to me?


Melinda said...

Its interesting where we go when we sleep. And even more so, why? I cant count how many times I had to FORCE myself to wake up to get away from whatever place I didnt want to be. I am envious of the people that get to dream about all sorts of exotic adventures and chance meetings with stars and long lost loves, things like that. Not me. Usually the weird, the scarey and the down right terrifying...I may need therapy and just havent realized it!!
But your dream song is actually by the Styx, who I happen to like. That song, not so much. But I think its quite interesting how it came to light in your head...I was afterall a teenager during the 70's so the music of that time is in me..

Shanster said...

Hi Melinda! That is part of the mystery solved...thank-you! grin. There are plenty o' 70 songs I will shake my money maker for... that particular song isn't one of them tho! How about some Funky Town or Barry Mannilow or - wait - did I just say Barry Mannilow?

DebH said...

aahhh crap...and I had to JUST Go listen to it on youtube!!

Heather said...

Its the Styx! Their other song, I think- was Come Sail Away. Totally different sound- so I might be wrong. I actually have a Styx shirt and it is the most comfortable shirt I own. John and I joke that they make better shirts than music!

PS- I'm making your nuts! They are in the oven now! Yum!

HorseOfCourse said...

Hahaha! Love it!

As I am getting older I've got serious doubt about my memory. I have always been forgetful, but now it is getting even worse.
But give me any song by Abba, and I know it by heart...
And now I even understand the lyrics, LOL!
And where is it stored? In all those grey windings???? Must have been much more storage space left by then...

Kelley said...

I sometimes think the song in my head is some sort of indicator of what sort of day I am going to have. I was very concerned one day when I found myself in the shower humming away the song that came with waking up.... and suddenly realized it was the theme to the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz... when she is the neighbor and peddling her bike... dum-da-dum-dum-dum-dum..... I did NOT think that was a good sign for the day!

Shanster said...

DebH - did it stick in your head?

Heather - YUM is right - did you guys like them? I like that come sail away song.... did they do eye of the tiger too?

Horse of Course - ABBA!

Kelley - oooo - that WAS a bad omen for the day. Did you go right back to bed?