Thursday, December 2, 2010


Now that Toe has his tracking title, I'm movin' on to Rally.

I wanted to try different dog performance things with the little fella... this one is next on my list.

I was learning formal obedience when Rally arrived on the scene and I know a lot of traditional obedience people sort of poo-poo'd it.

However, I think it does have practicality behind it. Your dog goes into a ring on lead with you, the lead stays loose at all times, you are allowed to talk to your dog and the two of you perform obedience maneuvers while following a numbered course with pictures at each number of the movement you are expected to perform.

I think it's a great way to introduce dogs to working in a ring with everything that happens at a dog show going on all around... it keeps things upbeat, happy and fun and once Toe gets his Rally title, we'll move into the more formal obedience world for his first obedience title.

I have to laugh at myself tho because I know I've told you all what a klutz I am. Well, I'm also very directionally challenged.

I'm not at all used to following the numbers or signs in a ring. In formal obedience, the judge tells you what you'll be doing next and you do it. You don't walk a course looking for which number is next...

I get a little lost and corn-fused. Turning in circles looking for the next number... are we on 8 or 10? Did I just go right at 12 and where is 13??

It's like a jumper course.

I never could remember which jump came next when I was young and fearless.

I'm afraid I'm struggling in Rally the same way. Tomorrow is our second class and I'm sure after some more practice I'll figure it out and look a little less confused. Turn fewer circles looking for the next number... right?


Geez. I sure hope so!


~Tonia said...

Soooo what your saying is they could video you and say this is what you DONT want to do??Lol I am sure you will get much better at it.. I am one of those directionally challenged people also!Lol

Shanster said...

Tonia - exactly! find what we like and don't like... oh, I am SO directionally challenged.