Friday, December 3, 2010

Our buck finally gets some lovin'

Princess, the doe brought to us for breeding, came into heat today.


Our buck is overjoyed. He is fulfilling his sole purpose in life today.

bow chicka chicka bowwwww -

sky rockets in flight... afternoon delight...aaaaaaaaaaaafternoon delight....

great. now I have that wierd afternoon delight song stuck in my head going round and round...
*head hitting desk*


DebH said...

gad..thats funny!! I can just imagine. I had several of the does visiting MY choice of Male folks just this weekend. Seems little Kokomo the fainter buck was the only one without a date. I caved and let him breed the one fainter doe left, but sorta wanted to wait a couple more weeks..It was sooo very sad as he is the one with Testosterone that rivals a bull! Such a little dude but boy does he know/like his job!!

Dedene said...

Let's hear it for a little goaty romance.

Shanster said...

DebH - Napoleon complex! grin. What a good name that is - Kokomo!

Dedene - I know Mario was happy!