Thursday, December 9, 2010

Exciting news!

Well - exciting to Furry Husband and I anyway. Probably NOT so exciting for anyone else.

We get a new roof today!

For once, having aged, out-dated, old, dilapidated stuff worked in our favor! Long story short, we have t-lock shingles on our roof - they don't make t-lock shingles anymore and our roof needs to be replaced so insurance will cover it!

Of course I tend to have champagne taste on a tap-water budget... I wanted a metal roof. Furry Husband was in charge of getting quotes and talking to contractors. He found a friend of a friend who gave us a "friend of a friend quote" for a metal roof. We'll still have to pay around $1,000 out of pocket, but because metal roofs are green and environmentally friendly, we'll get a tax credit and still come out about $100 ahead.

YAHOO! We found a way to get that metal roof!

They just arrived at our house and when I get home... we'll have a new, metal roof.

Is that exciting or what?


I bet our dogs and cats livin' inside aren't going to enjoy the process..... Hang in there guys, it's only for today!


Heather said...

I love metal roofs! What color? Good thing to get right before winter too!

Shanster said...

It's a copper color - think a copper colored crayola crayon. Hope it looks good once it's on! Gulp.

It's not actual copper that would develop a pantina but good enough!

~Tonia said...

OOOo I love our metal roof!! It was about $5000 for ours but it will last forever and made a world of difference. Ours is green as inthe color green!Lol I have even seen purple and it wasnt to bad even as a roof..
Thnakfully it was put on before we moved in so our animals didnt have to hear it..But it goes quick!

Anonymous said...

We have a metal roof--green in our case--and we are really happy with it. I think you made a great choice!