Monday, October 25, 2010

Things have moved past the threes....

'Member how our vacuum broke...then the fence went out... then our fridge broke? We were all hoping it was a case of "things happen in three's".


It was not to be.

Our giant, black kitty, Mojo was weird Thursday night. He went to the vet Friday and it was discovered he has urinary blockage... he was catheterized. He dislodged the catheter, when the vet tried to replace it a tear occurred in his urethra.

Well - the tear can heal on itself shutting off the ability to pee. That would be a life ender for the big fella. There is a small chance that may not happen.

She tried one last ditch effort to get the catheter back in place to prevent it from healing closed. If the tear could heal with the catheter in place, things will stay open ... no dice... too much blockage lining the urethra.

There is a surgery that can be done to make he into a she.

It's thousands of dollars and we just can't do it.

We brought him home and we are watching him. We are hoping he will be o.k. He's on some drugs, antibiotics... special food.

Never was a cat so happy to be home.

When Furry Husband went to pick him up at the clinic, Mojo kept head butting Furry's chin and licking his nose and face. The vet said she'd never seen such a thing... that Mojo must think he's a dog. That is what we've always thought too. Mojo goes out with the dogs and comes in with the dogs... lays around with the dogs.... I'm sure he thinks he's a dog.

There might be ... maybe... fingers crossed ... an inexpensive way to get him re-catheterized to prevent things from sealing shut. We are keeping our fingers crossed and should find out more tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted... send good thoughts to our big, black Mojo kitty.


Heather said...

Oh, how terrible! I'm sorry! Maybe the vacuum was just a minor blip and didn't count as one of the three. Kitty definitely counts, so maybe NOW you are at your limit of three bad things at once?

DebH said...

awww....Good Positive Thoughts for you Mojo! It'll work!!

~Tonia said...

Oh no! Poor Mojo! $1000's?!?! I hope it heals like its suppose too!

Susan said...

Poor Mojo. I'm sending good thoughts.

Shanster said...

Heather - I know that was exactly my thought too!

DebH - we sure hope so. We love the big lug.

Tonia - yeah... $2K at least. Not that we have $ we are hoping too!

Thanks Susan!!