Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Our vacuum cleaner broke... left giant streaks of dirt and dust instead of sucking it up. In a 800-900 sq ft house with 5 cats, 3 dogs and 2 hoo-mans, a vacuum is a necessity!

Our refrigerator warmed up to 70 degrees this weekend.... sigh. The fridge repair guy came out and said the fan was broken.

And last but not least, our electric fence is out. It's run by a solar panel but it is dead, dead, dead and dead. Nothing coming out of the housing box for us to follow a fault finder and fix anything. We had our electrician neighbor come and take a look. He confirmed... it's dead. We had to order a new housing box.

Hopefully the saying about things coming in 3's is true and that's gonna be all for broken things at our house. Yeesh!


~Tonia said...

Hopefully it is just the 3 things! But a frig and fence charger out?? Yikes! At least Vacuums you can get fairly cheap at Wally world if needed. I hope you have no more mechanical failures and you get everything up and running quickly!!

Melinda said...

I wanted to say also that its supposed to come in 3's...I would think this would be the end of the "If anything can go wrong, it will" week..
Good Luck!!!

Shanster said...

Tonia - no kidding. sigh. We did find a used newer vacuum on Craigs List so that near disaster was averted! grin.

Melinda - K - I'm counting on it!

DebH said...

in Chinese on certain days sweeps away the bad luck!! So Either it was cuzz you couldn't clean or you tried darn "feng shui"(had to look that up)
Somedays it just keeps on coming!!