Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow and Mojo update

So far Mojo is normal, eating, peeing and extremely happy. So happy in fact that he keeps waking us up at 3 AM to tell us how happy he is... walking over the top of our heads.... head butting Furry's chin... purring loudly.

We are happy too.... but ... well... the 3 AM thing is getting a little old Mojo! Anyway, the powers we spoke with say as long as he is acting normal and peeing and eating all is well. Shew.

Let's hope it KEEPS going well.

Last night was my night for stall cleaning. We have 40mph winds with gusts up to 50mph because of a storm hitting the CO mountains.

I like to take Rosso with me and I wasn't gonna take him but figured, it's good to get him out and about in ALL kinds of weather and to experience all the sounds of wind from the barn... scree and branches and lord knows what getting blown against the metal walls.... wind screeching in cracks, the building moaning and groaning as it withstands the buffets of wind...

I get Rosso loaded up, pull the truck and trailer out... as I shut the gate once we are out of the front pasture, there is this wall of white at the far end of the neighbor's alfalfa field across the road.

Weird. Must be clouds or fog or something....

I begin driving and it was like the movies when the people are escaping from something and they look in the rear view mirror... all of a sudden there was snow - white out snow - all over the road behind me... clear in front of me but it was following me up the road!

Got to Rex's, unloaded Rosso and tied him up in the barn and then the snow hit... 40mph wind and white out snow swirling everywhere. True blizzard conditions! I thought I was hosed for going home. It is hard enough to see at night for pulling into our driveway and pasture with the truck and trailer.... but in white out conditions at night and in snow that might be slippery? I'd be screwed.

I had 2 hrs ahead of me cleaning stalls so figured I would just see what happened.... by the time I was done cleaning, the snow stopped, was mostly melted 'cept for in patches here and there and the wind had died down. Shew!

And Rosso stood hind leg cocked the entire time...

Hmmmm. What is it I keep hearing in clinics? You have to ride the horse you have. Or how about ... you can't treat the horse like a criminal when he's not acting like a criminal.

Good theory to put into practice for myself vs. thinking 'bout prior incidents eh? Why do you suppose it's so hard to be in the right here, right now moments?


Heather said...

AH! Snow! We have your wind here in kansas today, in case you want it back :)

Good for you and Rosso. It is so hard for me to forget about things Boomer has done in the past. He hasn't pulled back while tied in over a year, but I ALWAYS expect him to.

Kelley said...

Glad Mojo keeps doing well... I'll keep thinking good thoughts.

Laughed out loud at your Rosso story... what a good pony! It was like that up here last night. Blew in.... white out conditions... stopped ... cleared up... and then circled back around for more white out! Very weird. Guess it's time though.

DebH said...

Good deal on Mojo! Sounds like he is doing well then!!
I hear you on that wind and snow..seems it arrived with gusto yesterday here too...YUCK!
What a good feeling about Rosso, who obviously knew you had it under control! Around here they take their young horses to all the brandings and all the noise..helps with their patience and tolerance.
ON that snow?...I do NOT want another repeat of last winter..but sure glad we've held it off this long!