Friday, October 22, 2010

Itty Bitty

This morning I went out to turn horses out into pasture, I had cut up a couple apples to give them (someone gave us this big bag of apples but they aren't crisp, they are mushy and so they are now horse apples and I'm trying to get rid of them! I can't eat mushy apples... gag)

Noticed Itty Bitty Opal Kitty and the dogs gathered around her. I move the dogs away. Lo and behold she has a mouse, it's dead and she's trying to eat it.

I tell the dogs to leave it but Toe is notorious for stealing dead voles/mice from the cats. sigh. I go to the horse pen - feed the horses the apples, turn them out... I see Bequia and Sammy thru the fence line and know they aren't trying to steal the mouse... but Toe is nowhere to be seen and I think he is eating dead mouse... grumble grumble....

I come back into the yard.... Toe is running up ahead on the path, Itty Bitty is licking her chops and following me with the dogs to the door... hmmm, maybe Toe didn't get it and Itty Bitty ate it after all?

I let everyone in, Toe runs to the bed, jumps up on it, circles to find a good spot. I say, "You better not have anything..."

*ptooie* (Dead mouse flies out of his mouth onto our bed.)

Innocent look. blink. blink. "Wha? Heyyyyyy, how'd that get here? Didinna come from my mouth!"


Heather said...


I totally understand the apple thing. I have recently discovered that our local co-op carries locally grown apples and I have become an apple snob.

DebH said...

now thats a snort!! such a sweetie that Toe!!

Shanster said...

Heather.. yeah and the mouse was all wet like it'd been swimming... swimming in Toe's saliva that is! Ewww.

DebH - he IS a sweetie, even if he sometimes has selective hearing/memory. grin.