Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have seen around 793 dead racoons on the roads when I'm driving to and from work. What in the....?


Susan said...

Happy 40th Shanster. It looks like you had quite the party. The band bringing babies, it's a sign of the times. Wait til they're bringing grand kids. You can really say you've lived then.

melinda.mclane.isj6 said...

My theory is they are moving around more to get the most food before winter sets in? But really, I dont know.
Last night there was a rucus outside the front door. Bob barking like mad. He had treed, well up a bush, a possum that came to the front porch to eat the cat food. I guess the critters are just on the move!!

Shanster said...

Susan - ack... grandkids? I'm still processing KIDS. grin.

Melinda - but do they have to commit harry carrey??? What a very good dog Bob is! I had a guinea pig named Bob guinea pig in the WORLD!