Friday, October 15, 2010


Just say that in a big mega super sales pitch way.... feels good huh?

We made it!

I'm taking Toe tracking tomorrow. (2 hrs away... gotta be there at 7:30am... getting up at 4:30 am... ow. ow. ow.) Keep your fingers crossed! If he passes, we'll get our Tracking Dog (TD) title. Then we can focus on obedience and see if we can't get a CD on the little fella this winter... and maybe take an agility class next?

Tho' I seriously wonder about my coordination for agility.

Can the dog still pass if the owner trips and is lying face down eating dirt?

Prolly not.

Give all your furry, feathered, hairy critters a smooch and ENJOY your weekend!


Melinda said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!!I bet you ALL do great...Make sure to get to bed early...

Heather said...

This week flew by!

I'm excited for you and Toe! I think that Charley would be great at agility, though I can see why you might need an obedience class first and I see Charley as a little... remedial... in obedience!

DebH said...

Good Luck to you and Toe!!
and Friday Friday Friday!! YES!!!!!
and on the smooching my critters...boy do you have that right...makes a person feel good. Tomorrow, I and my daughter are going to pick up a new addition..8 wk old Full Pyrenees..(screeching in joy here) I just love those fur balls!

Shanster said...

Melinda - 7pm!

Heather - oh, I'm just doing the obedience first cuz I've done it before and won't have to shell out $ for a class...I'm cheap like that! grin. I wanted to explore different doggie activities than I have in the past. Dunno why... guess it just tickles me!

DebH - you have GOT to post pix of that little - soon to be huge - dog! LOVE IT! I think they are such cool dogs... wanna hear all about him/her!

Susan said...

Have fun and keep your face out of the dirt.