Thursday, October 14, 2010

Milk Test...

I told you guys we added our does to the milk test? yeah. Fun. F-U-N, fun. not at all.

The directions are/were super confusing. Every time my poor friend who I suckered into being my milk tester came over to draw milk, we'd sit with all the instructions strewn about the kitchen table and it felt like we were studying for finals or something.

Now that we seem to have it down... I get the milk reports each month after submitting samples of milk from Spot and Speck.

I have no idea what they mean.

I see the fat % and the protein %... other than that? Nothing makes sense. Just adding to the frustration and bad feelings overall about this stupid, *^%@* milk test bid'ness.

But my poor suckered in milk tester is a woman of reason and she tells me that now we have it figured out, we should keep sending in samples each month. The interesting thing is that Spot and her daughter Speck have pretty negligible differences in fat or protein from the milk they give - we are talking maybe a tenth of a percent ...

I have to get the gumption up to call the woman who runs the milk test to get a more thorough explanation of the reports, however, since it is a confusing, frustrating thing for me... I drag my feet about it.

We are gearing up for breeding season and so do I keep milk test going into next year or quit when I dry the does up?

Think my vote is to give it up. Will probably breed one doe next year while I wait for the babies who were born late this spring to mature for breeding next fall. Hardly seems worth it for ONE goat to stay on milk test and I did it for a year.


I think my milk test itch has been scratched.


~Tonia said...

Lol!! I have looked at that stuff and it gets to technical.. I get frustrated and think.. Milk test?...... It taste good...Check
Its making good cheese...check...
I am getting plenty...check....
100% on my milk test!Lol ...
Yes I am soo technical minded... I would be with you on ditching the whole thing.. Sound like a lot of trouble..
In reality I would look at what the possible benefits would be before I actually ditched the whole thing..

DebH said... least you tried it heh?
would be interesting if you were doing assorted cheeses...but like you I've been eating all cheese faster than I make it and the milk? well...I have been drinking a cup while I milk...then I have it icey cold with each meal and now it seems I have people who buy and are quite addicted. I have enough trouble keeping up with the milking and still getting in a little travel time...I need a milkmaid..cuzz the milkin itch here is whats been scratched!

Shanster said...

Tonia - yes, it's been a royal pain in me arse! Esp. since I'm such a tiny farm... TINY! I wanted it recorded at least one year so it might help sell future does. Not sure it was worth it? But at least I can say I did it.

DebH - I was going to try and make some feta this weekend... really want to learn how to make a soft brie or camembert... oh how I love those soft rind cheeses....I dream of them and fantasize about their deliciousness.... My milkers are down to 1 gallon a day combined. I have to plan ahead if I want to make yummy cheese. LOVE my goat milk/cheese!