Monday, July 6, 2009

Will it stop... ever?

The rain.

Oh. My. Gawd.

The rain.

It keeps coming and coming and coming! I've given up on my arena. It is completely overgrown with weeds... Furry Husband called our neighbor Jack who does some land prep work. Hopefully Jack can come over with his tractor and spray super kill weed killer on my arena. When it dies, he'll come over and harrow the sand so I can have my lovely riding place again.

IF it ever dries out that is.

It's raining right now and I'm tellin' you guys, my mood just gets sad when it is so gloomy and rainy all the time and it prevents me from riding my horses. I NEED to ride my horses..... they are my fix.... they bring me joy and peace to the innermost of my Shanster self!

I have some news... we are getting a dog.

It's all very odd how it happened and Furry Husband and I thought it was all just a little too easy and a little too coincidental for us to ignore so we are going with it. It doesn't mean I can't still mourn the loss of my big, dog, Booker that was my boy. In fact I had a bad Booker day Saturday and spent the afternoon wandering around the house sniffling and remembering him and bawling my little eyes out.

Nothing I can do. He is gone and I just miss him. Simple as that. One day I will have memories that will bring me laughter vs. tears and I know this.

Anyway - I'd been interested in English Cocker Spaniels. Back when I had my very first dog, Osti, in the early 90's, I was in an obedience class with a woman who had two of them. I really liked them and I've always sorta just liked them.

When Booker died, I started researching the breed to take my mind off of Booker. My wonderful, dog-loving pal, Heather e-mailed me to say that the English Cocker Spaniel Specialty was going on that weekend at the event center near my house. Specialty shows are BIG shows for a particular breed and people come from EVERYWHERE to participate. It'd be a good place to see a good representation of the breed, to meet people who own them and talk to breeders etc.

I wasn't gonna go. Then I couldn't get a hold of my girlfriend, Big M, who I was going to spend the afternoon with and Furry Husband was out of town ... so what the heck I thought. I'll just go and hope I don't run into any Gordon Setters, cuz if I see a big, goofy, happy, Gordon I will lose it in front of God and everyone.

I didn't see any Gordons (shew!). I did see A LOT of English Cockers. I kept quiet and watched because I wasn't sure of myself and I didn't want to be seen as "fresh meat" to any rabid English Cocker Spaniel lovers.

A woman stood next to me with her young dog and she was talking to him, I turned to look and caught her eye. We said hello. I asked to pet her dog.... I was loving on this 8 mos old black and white speckled/spotted English Cocker Spaniel and we continued to talk.

Turns out she has his brother at home and he needs to be placed.

Oh - no. I couldn't. It's just too soon. But I took her card and continued to talk to her about the breed and love on this little dog.

When Furry Husband came home from his trip I showed him pictures I took of the dogs and I told him about this woman and the dog at her house needing a home. We both agreed it was just too soon.

And then we'd bring it up and touch on it in conversation... and we'd ruminate about it.... and bring it up again and talk about it.... slept on it... talked about it some more.

Finally Furry Husband said, "Why don't you e-mail that woman and ask her for some more information and some pictures?"

He is a nicely bred dog, he is crate trained, potty trained, he was raised with children, he gets a long well with other dogs, he travels well, he's had all his health checks for hips, eyes, kidneys and they have a friend who lives in Livermore who will be showing in their neck of the woods July 17th and who can bring this little dog back to Colorado on her way home. They'll have him neutered for us and microchipped and the only stipulation is that if he doesn't work out and for any reason we don't want him any more, they want him back.

Oh. This dog has a short toe. The pinky toe on his left front foot just stopped growing and it's shorter than the rest of his toes. And y'all know I have those funny, deformed little toes right? That sorta sealed the deal. I think Furry Husband fell on the floor convulsively laughing when I told him about the short toe on the dog. "He's just like you honey!"

The dog's registered name is Cimarron Toast. They've been calling him Toasty. We will call him Toe for short.

Things just fell into place and while I sure miss Booker, I think it will be nice to have a young dog to bring some laughter and a little more love into our lives.

Toe will come to us the week of July 20.

Introducing Toe from Oklaholma:


Heather said...

O.M.G! He is so cute!!! Where in Oklahoma is he from? I hope you also asked them to send you the flowers in the background as well!

Kelley said...

The Sun'll come out... TOMORROW... bet your bottom dollar that.....
Aw, hell... I've given up hope myself!!! Stupid Rain. We got a fair bit up here in Laramie as well. Other then that it was a pretty good weekend. I missed being in Wellington and it's Fireworks. Good to hear they went on ( I kept hearing how many places weren't having them because of the economy... made me sad.... ).

Congratulations on Toe!!! I'm excited to meet him!!! What a handsome fellow.

Heather said...

Also, there is no such thing as a replacement dog. Yes, a distraction dog, but never a replacement. You will love little Toe Jam for different reasons than Booker, maybe some of the reasons will overlap. But he is addition to the memories Booker left, not a replacement for them.

Shanster said...

Heather - he's in Nichols Hills, OK? Yes, I need their lush green yard and if this rain keeps going I'm gonna get it! You said it perfectly ... he won't be a replacement.. he's an addition and a new relationship to forge. It's gonna be a good thing. We are excited to meet him!

DebH said...

he is just gorgeous!! That looks like a beautiful boy and it will be just another adventure to add to your life. You will be a great Mom and on that rain...send some my way!! We could stand a week or so of rainy dreary stuff, it is getting a little too dry too early!
Been too busy to catch up on the blogs I like to follow and glad to see you keeping your chin up. I know how those sad sad times can hit you right in the middle of a normal moment. They say the first year of firsts are the hardest...well I am finding it is going to take me 18 years of firsts for every year I was married to that man. It can hit me just driving to town on a gorgeous morning..and I bawl like a fool. I know its all normal and I wish there was a fix, but I think I get softer and softer with age so I better get used to it and invest in the Kleenex company.

Shanster said...

DebH - I will GLADLY send you our rain! Yes - seems like things are fine and then some tiny little thing sets you off. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a person that important in your life. You take care of yourself and be kind to yourself and know that I'm thinking of you... I'm always amazed how you seem to keep your chin up too.

Dedene said...

Toe is adorable! He's such the little man. It was definitely Karma that hooked you up with him.
I bet you can't wait until he arrives! You'll get sun soon!

DebH said...

Oh man..I forgot to comment on that toe??!! That is funny, I have a second toe on my right foot that does that same thing!! Now that is just a sign of COOL! 8x)

Cheryl said...

Oops, darn it, think I commented on another blog through yours. Sorry about that Shanster.

But rain, rain, I love rain! I love how everything smells - concrete, wood, dirt - after a good rain. But too much of it can get you down after a while. Is there an indoor riding place you can go to?

I love Cocker Spaniels. Ever since Lady and the Tramp. And Toe looks like a happy, gentle and wise doggie soul, a great new addition to your family.

Foxxy said...

Your dog looks too cute. I don't know that I've ever heard of an animal named Toe. Hope the rain stops soon and you get to ride.

Heather said...

Nichols Hills... Multi million dollar homes there and nothing else. They are actually their own 'village' as to remain separated from the rest of Oklahoma City. Sweet houses, great restaurants, and very spoiled teenagers abound! I hope Toe is ready for the wild west! At least his new home will still serve fine wine :)

Shanster said...

Dedene - yup, he's a cutie and we are looking forward to him. A little nervous since we haven't had a new dog for 8 yrs but mostly excited!

DebH - oh yeah baby - you are cool!

Cheryl - I kept reading and re-reading and wondering how Pamela's boobs had any significance to Toe... I kept trying to make the connection... which is hilarious! I decided it was a mistake and had a good chuckle about a dog named Toe, nipples and Pamela Anderson - who I totally have a girl crush on... which is weird I know but I just do...

Foxxy - I know! That is what makes me laugh... and it's all about good humor ain't it?

Heather - well no wonder they have such nice flowers and no weeds! Poor Toe is gonna have to get used to the way the other half lives... but yes, there is always wine, good wine and LOTS of it! ;)