Tuesday, July 21, 2009



So I received this e-mail from a guy by the name of Whiskers. This is what it said:
"Send pictures of goats and prices. Thank-you"

Boy. Way to be direct Whiskers! I told Furry Husband maybe he is Klingon.

Sometimes Furry Husband and I like to speak Klingon... not the actual Klingon foreign language. (By the way, I learned, according to the Guinness Book of World Records for 2006, Klingon is the most spoken fictional language. Neato!)

We speak like Klingons using English as a Second Language. We have these conversations in deep, guttural Klingon like voices:

Me: Husband. I would like a beer. Bring one to me.
Furry Husband: Wife. I am no servant.

yeah, I know. We are complete freaks. I don't remember how that whole thing started anyway...


Anonymous said...

Woman says: I challenge you to a Tuplah! Arm yourself!
Man: Ouch!!!!

DebH said...

You are just too cool!! I am waiting to hear your reply to Whiskers?? That is just a hoot!

Foxxy said...

I used to have a similar language with an ex boyfriend. We called it Conan the Barbarian. Way cool