Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goat Obstacle Course?

Wha, wha, WHAT?!

Yes, you got it. Furry Husband and I just volunteered to help man the goat obstacle course for the Larimer County Fair Sunday evening...

Furry Husband will man the stopwatch and I will make sure the goats and the 4-H'rs go through, under or in whatever obstacles await. Sounds like a complete kick in the pants... we will bring a camera for all of you to see the fun.

I had my lesson this weekend on my mare, Sera. I wanted to have a NICE ride vs. a battle and my trainer agreed that I deserved some fun. We are working on Rosso and things will be fine. I just needed a break from feeling beat-up and crappy about my horse. A little fun to lighten my 'tude was just what the Dr. ordered.

A storm blew through last night. The lightening was blinding and very much like a strobe light while the thunder made us think the world was going to crash in around us. It was awful. I hid under the covers thinking, "please go, please go, please go, please go" over and over. I wanted it to move on and away from us! After an hour it was quiet. I went outside in my pj's to check the horses and goats... everyone was fine and looking very relieved.


DebH said...

Oh man..that would be a hoot!! Goat Obstacle course?? Take a video! and on the storm...bring em on...stand out in the thing and shout to the top of your lungs! Ok..maybe under covers would be Ok too...but I do love a good show just not the wind that comes with it :)

Cheryl said...

Goats going through an obstacle course! If there was one animal too stubborn to do a course it would be a goat, it seems to me. I'd like to see that.

Oh, but I love storms like that! So exciting. Maybe because we have so few dramatic ones here.

Heather said...

That sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to see pictures!

I'm glad you still have Sera to ride and enjoy. Boomer is doing much better, but I do sometimes wish I had a well behaved, perfectly trained, bomb proof horse... I just have to remind myself that in 10 years, that is exactly what Boomer will be (hopefully).

Shanster said...

DebH you are ONE brave soul! Nope. Not me, I'm hunkered INSIDE quivering during those bad boys. I don't mind a regular thunderstorm... that one was too intense for lil' ol' me!

Cheryl - I think you are right! Goats are stubborn so it should be very,very interesting! Maybe you and DebH can hang out in the monster storms together while I'm inside!

Heather - me too! Really makes me appreciate the work I put into her because she went through a very naughty phase herself... and that gives me hope that Rosso can and will turn around to be a good boy. He has the makings, but is going thru the "terrible two's" I think... I think Boomer sounds INCREDIBLY well behaved actually!

olivia said...

Goat obstacle course - that sounds exactly wacky enough that I can imagine how much fun you will all have. :)

Glad your storm blew through w/out causing any problems.