Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goat sale!

Yes! The woman took our little fuzzy goatie without even asking about her hair. I was the freak more worried about it than anyone else.

She looked at our bucks and really liked one of them... however, she didn't want a buck. I told her she could have him banded or castrated and he'd be a regular ol' goat. He wouldn't be riddled with testosterone and he would not have the buck smell when fall rolls around and bucks go into rut.

She said her vet was coming out the next day for the horses and it would be perfect timing to take a buck kid that needed to be castrated. She ended up taking him too!

She wanted them as pets and she sounded like a very nice home. She bought a foreclosed old farm house in Keensburg and was renovating it. She has two horses and wanted a couple goats as pets and to keep one horse company when she took the other horse out and about.

My friend Karen came over to get Margarita Grief Kitten... she loved him and was excited to bring him home. She thinks she'll get another young cat to keep him company so that means another lucky kitty will get a good home soon and that makes me happy too because there are too many unwanted animals out there that need homes.

Kylee's mom stopped by to pick up some of our frozen colostrum and goat milk for their new baby llama...

It was a busy night at our little place! I'm looking forward to riding tonight - we didn't get rain yesterday and it's supposed to be nice and hot today which will dry out my arena. Yahooo!


DebH said...

Yee Haww!! I love it when things go right...maybe your Karma will rub off on me from just feeling those positive vibes!!

Cheryl said...

Sheeuw! I love when everything just falls into place. Those goats and kitten sound like they'll have a great new home.