Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rounds 3 and 4

I hate the feeling like I'm headed in for battle each time I ride Rosso right now but I guess I am.

Sunday Rex came over and we proceeded as planned. I got on Rosso and the minute he began threatening to buck or bolt, off I'd get and round and round he'd go on the lunge line. Not nicely either - in a mad scrambling gallop while I chased him and no relenting until he was begging to stop.

The second time I got up on him, he immediately began his crap and on the way off, he bolted, I landed on my ankle - OW - but we had him go, go, go until he was begging to stop. He submitted on the third time.

Better than last Sunday when it took 5 times before he stopped with all his bullshit. Progress!

Last night I trailered him up to Rex's barn, lunged him and got on. He was nice so I was nice.
We walked, halted and I stepped down. I got back on. We walked and walked, halted and I stepped down. I got back on and we walked. We halted and we walked, halted and walked. Stood calmly in the middle of the arena on a loose rein and he was done.

He'll learn or his next owner will be Purina brand dog food corporation.


Heather said...

Purina, that made me laugh!

Isn't it strange how they can be two totally different beasts in two different locations?

I wonder why he starts his crap as soon as you get on. Well, I hope that once he learns he has to behave when you get on that will translate to when you ask him to do other things! I am always hopeful that the lessons they learn will translate, and sometimes they seem to, but then other times they don't (ie- acting a fool at home, but not away).

Shanster said...

I think it's cuz he wants to see how committed I am to making him work.

I rode him at home all summer last summer and up at Rex's all winter and he was fine.

He's been good once that initial crap is over... walk, trot, canter, leg yields etc. etc.

Rex says he's worse at home cuz he is confident at home vs. when he is in a spot he doesn't know as well and is looking for guidance. It makes sense...

Also seems like 6 and 7 yr olds go through a phase - like the terrible two's in toddlers. Rosso is 7 so he's in the throes of having his temper tantrums and testing his "parent".

I figure all this is making me a better horseperson. It's the mantra I repeat to myself over and over and over and over ... heh.

DebH said...

boy...sounds like patience and headstrong is the answer. Too bad he is testing both! He met his match I think and you will no doubt have him submissive at days end. You could always have a Horse For Sale sign ..just sitting in the corner ..he may start behaving then.

Shanster said...

Yup - he doesn't know how stubborn I can be... I like the idea of the "for sale" sign! I keep telling him the livestock auction is on Wednesdays. ha!

Cheryl said...

He, he, I was just listening to Walter R. Brooks' story, "Ed Has His Mind Imporved," (inspiration for the old Mr Ed tv shows). Ed the horse is such a strong and funny personality. But I bet Rosso would make every bit as interesting a story character as Mr. Ed. I can't help wondering what his horsey thoughts are every time you get on his back. What did he think when the cowboy rode him. Funny stuff I bet.