Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday! Tonight is Cozzola's pizza and wine. MMMMM. Our Friday night tradition!

Split Pea found a fledgling sparrow last night ... I put him? her? in a box with some seed and water. I hope he? she? isn't dead when I get home. I know it's "nature" and things die and nature isn't easy but I keep trying to save the little critters if I can.

I unsuccessfully went looking for a bird cage at a thrift store over lunch. Figured, if I keep finding birds, a bird cage will make it easier to rehab them or transport them to the WildKind (humane society rehab for wild things) vs. a cardboard box.

Me looking for a bird cage is sorta funny since the birds I find and try to save seem to up and die anyway.

I lunged Rosso last night but didn't have a chance to ride since we had a social obligation last night... this weekend I will tackle the red monster! Keep your fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend!


Heather said...

Good luck this weekend! My newest idea is to work Boomer, take him for a nice easy trail ride, deal with his shit as he throws it, then bring him back to the barn, lunge him with the saddle on, strip his tack, take him to his paddock and lunge him again before I let him go. That way he knows that I can make him work at any time and that heading back to the barn isn't actually that enjoyable.

Shanster said...

You too! We'll get our naughty boys to behave so we can enjoy them. Keep me posted too!

Shanster said...
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Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend! We had pizza last night too. I hate finding birds, cause they always die. Hope your's survives.