Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Toe

The Toe is arriving tonight! He left Oklahoma this morning at 7:30... I hear it's a 9 hour drive. We are a little nervous. Excited but nervous. Only cuz we haven't brought a new dog into our house for 8 years!

We are prepared... and if we survived dog-sitting Norman, the HUGE, high-energy German Shepherd over Christmas for 10 days, surely we can integrate this new, smallish, knee high, pup into our home.

We also have a woman driving to our place from the mountains today, about 3 hours, to pick up our milker, Rosie. She might buy Chocolate as well and then we are done with goat sales for the year! Sorry Whiskers....

I'll post pictures of Little Toe soon.... wish us luck!

1 comment:

DebH said...

what excitement..another new baby into the pack! Anticipation..anticipaaaaation..making me wait..for pictures that is.