Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rinderpest and Agility

I read in  the paper today that Rinderpest is officially extinct now.  It was a cattle plague assisting with the fall of the Roman Empire... Ghengis Khan's Mongolian take-over...  

Any civilization depending on cattle was at the mercy of Rinderpest.   And now we can all sleep a little more sound knowing it's extinct right? 


Week 4 in agility... a little frustrating.... Toe was zero'd in on me last night vs. looking forward or ahead for his target.   Which is a little funny since in his obedience I couldn't get him focused on me enough and now he is too focused on me to do his agility exercises well.  Poor little guy - has to be confusing to him at this point!

"Geez mom... look at you.... don't look at you.... what in the hell do you hairless bi-peds WANT from me???"

However we'll stick with things and it's only our 4th class... we'll git'r figured out one o' these days!

Keenan, never having done much with obedience other than a puppy class is doing well and is happy and fearless over her obstacles.   Tho' she is S-L-O-W....  trots happily through everything without a care in the world.  La-la-la-la-la....  stroll in the park....


DebH said...

rinderpest?? Good thing I didn't worry over that one..heaven knows I worry about everything to the enth degree!
and Funny description on your different personalities of pups. I can just see it.
I have been reading up a little more on the guard dog since your scary ordeal and find that the guardian line of dog is almost always ALL about their own world. They are harder to command as they are all about one thing. Protect their territory and could care less about learning commands and tricks. Totally Atticus...does not have time for silly. Gotta be on guard. Now thankfully Tess the 1/2 pyrenees has that English Collie(Lassie dog) in her. She is brilliant in that regard and could listen well to instruction.
Your Keenan sounds like she has a good amount of listen in her to enjoy the dog trials. So if they're getting some interaction and lesson along with..Way Cool. Makes them smarter and smarter!

Shanster said...

Not sure we would compete with her...tho I have no crystal ball and don't know what is in store for the future about anything!

Was hoping the 1/2 Aussie would give her a little more "want to please the people". She definately is not driven to work that way... like obedience or agility.

Seems like she likes the attention, definately the food... and I think it's good for her "socialization" of handling different situations.

She will never be outgoing and friendly like Toe is... which is fine since they are bred for completely different things. Just want her to be able to handle new situations and people quietly and conrolled and not spazzing out. grin.

She can alert us and be wary and she doesn't have to be a superstar in a dogshow ring... but I don't want her to threaten anyone. She has to stop when I tell her stop and trust when I say stop, those people or that situation is ok.

Yes - she is definately a different sort of dog. She doesn't see the "sense" of the tricks and commands... you can see that in her expression! Tho she likes the praise and the food so there might be a little Aussie showing up now and again!

Cheryl said...

Poor Toe! Though I'm sure he just appreciates spending time with his favourite human!!