Friday, June 17, 2011

Do they remember?

Furry Husband was moving some hay bales this morning.  Consolidating piles... 1st cutting is here, 2nd cutting here... a little of 3rd cutting over there...

While he was moving hay bales he noticed peanuts tucked between the bales. 

We have bird feeders, one of which is a platform feeder.  We put whole raw peanuts in there for the Blue Jays.  The jays take the peanuts and hide them all over for later.

I find them pulling weeds or when we move something that hasn't been moved in a while... it always makes me smile to think about the jays hiding them and I wonder how many hidey holes do they actually remember?

*sidenote*   and what is UP with the middle-age waking up at 2am and not being able to go back to sleep thing?  4 outta 5 nights this week I was awake at 2 or 2:30... blink, blink.... wide awake....not sleeping...   

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