Thursday, June 16, 2011

Agility week 2

Yikes.  Week 2 is funny.  We are all new, none of us knows what we are doing and we sure do fumble around a lot in general as a class.  Which is good - we are all starting out at the same level!  Funny to watch tho' I bet.

We are still having fun and I am still way uncoordinated!  grin.  I knew this going in and it's one of the reasons why agility scares me!  Second being course memory....

We learned front crosses and rear crosses in our 2nd class. 

Good thing Furry Husband is NOT so uncoordinated and he can do the footwork and better yet, remembers the footwork!   I went to practice with Toe last night.  I remembered how the rear crosses went... I started to practice the front ones and could not for the life of me remember how a front cross went...

Just then he pulled into the driveway and was able to show me....  will have to do that over and over so I can get it cemented in my noggin. 

Next week we do some exercise the instructor called "pinwheels".  


Better keep practicin' my front and rear crosses cuz a pinwheel sounds complicated!

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