Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Do you ever struggle with comparing yourself to others?  Man - I really do.  Always think so and so is smarter than me or stronger than me or knows more about X than I do and I get really down on myself.

It's sort of a silly thing to do and yet I can still get really wrapped up in it and feel completely miserable.

Good to take a step back, a deep breath and think... it's o.k. to be different from each other.  I have my own strengths and my own thoughts.  They don't have to be the same as so and so. 

I think we wish for the strengths we see in others when we see them cuz we don't happen to have THOSE strengths... we seem to downplay our own because we already have 'em and are familiar with 'em.  They are old hat.  

Grass is always greener sort of thing I guess.

And those are my deep thoughts on this fine Wednesday in June.

I'm looking for some other horse outlets... the EHV-1 virus put a kabosh on things and Rex is leaving for AK for a couple of weeks... I tend to be more goal oriented in my tasks which is why I like the lessons - they give me things to work on.

Was thinking about other horse pursuits I could do... jumping?  Meh.  Don't think I'm courageous enough anymore.  Barrels or other gymkana events?  No interest.  Endurance?  Also no interest.  

One of my goals this year was trail riding.  Where do I find people to go with that can go easy on me until I'm more comfy?  I'm good getting out of my comfort zone but I don't want to be over faced with steep, narrow trails on my first rides....


Melinda said...

I dont have a horse and its been many moons since I have even rode a horse, but IF I did...You and I would go trial riding for sure! And we would just take it easy and take our good old time and be digging the thought that nobody was cooler than us today..;) In the meantime, I would be willing to bet that there is somebody out there this minute that was wishing they had 1, 2 or seven of your characteristics...I do..

Shanster said...

Awww - thanks Melinda! I sure do appreciate your kind words when I was feeling blue. Thank-you.