Friday, September 4, 2009

Warning - adult subject matter

I can have a warped sense of humor.

I wanted to teach our little cattle dog, Bequia, a fun trick when we first brought her home. When I said, "Who's da man?" I wanted her to run over to Furry Husband and jump on him. Funny thing. She happens to be just small enough that when she jumps up on him, her front feet hit him square in 'da nuts.

I found this really amusing.

I honestly didn't plan it that way - it just happened to work out that way.

Bonus for me! Not so much for Furry Husband.

Poor Furry Husband has been putting up with random "Who's da man?" tricks for about 10 yrs while girding his loins.

Today we were out walking and trying to get our cattle dog, Bequia, to play with the new pup, Little Toe. Furry Husband started in with "Git 'im!"

I started in with "Git 'im, Bequia! Git 'im!"

Sometimes she isn't sure exactly what to get but that cattle dog drive kicks in and she MUST "git" something! She came running to me and did the bouncing off my crotch area. Which in itself didn't hurt cuz I don't have testicles.

BUT, she decided to take a strong nip at my pants..... at my soft, baggy yoga pants.... and her strong nip happened to grab a swatch o' my pubic hair along with the pants.

I thought I was going to die.

It happened in only a microsecond but the pain was instant. I thought I'd have a bald patch. Nope. I opened up my pants to look... everything still there.

Furry Husband almost fell down in the middle of our dirt road laughing so hard. Who knew that could happen? Only to me; it's payback time for those 10 years of random nut kacking.

Owie, owie, owie - those paybacks HURT!


Heather said...

And that is why I will never wax my nether regions :)

Kelley said...


Dedene said...

BWAHH HA HA!!! You kinda deserved that one. Bequia is going to have to calm down.

Shanster said...

I know, I know, I know! Never wax, tho' I did once and at least you are prepared for pain vs. the way Bequia nipped me!

I DID totally deserve it... and I'm never gonna get her that riled up again!! :)