Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mrs. Kravitz and the vole....

Do you remember Mrs. Kravitz? She is our very lovable yet very wacky neighbor who likes to watch the goings on at our house with binoculars and then calls to give us commentary on what she saw.

She'd do anything for you and has a good heart. Yet, she watches us with binoculars and does some pretty wacky things.... fer instance.

I ran down to her place to see if she had one of those gel heating pads that holds heat for several hours when I was saving the baby voles Punkin, our orange tabby cat, kept bringing me.

She was questioning me about why I was trying to save these little rodents that people usually exterminate.

I told her cuz they are just helpless squirming babies; I can't walk away from them and I can't kill them, so I try and "save" them.

She had a more than a few store bought 3.2% Budweisers in her at that point because it was past "beer thirty" at her house. (She can't buy beer from a liquor store - it HAS to be the 3.2% beer from the grocery store - another fun Mrs. Kravitz quirk! shrug. Hey, we all have 'em....)

She looks at me in a funny way and tells me, "You'll have good karma. You are doing a good thing and you will be repaid."

She goes on to say, "Y'know, the BEST thing I ever did in my ENTIRE life was when my sister was dying. I snuck her out of the hospital because it was summer and she wanted to run through the sprinklers one last time. I put her in a wheelchair because she wasn't strong enough to walk, I snuck her out and I pushed her as fast as we could go through the sprinklers. That was the BEST thing I ever did in my WHOLE life."

I looked at Mrs. Kravitz.

I can appreciate her story and I know it was a wonderful thing for her to do. But. Ummmm. She's referencing a baby vole that I'm saving from my cat to her dying sister.

I looked at her and I said, "Mrs. Kravitz, that was your sister. I can honestly tell you that I will NEVER, EVER say the best thing I did in my entire life was to save this baby vole."

She stopped her story. Blinked a few times and we both burst out laughing.

Oh - you just gotta love Mrs. Kravitz!


Kelley said...

I was a little worried where that story might end when the dying sister came in. Wondered if she was going to end up leaving her in the woods for the wolves?!?!?! She is a hoot and a half... and you are right.... heart of gold.

Dedene said...

That was a wonderful story. Maybe she's not as crazy as she looks.