Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We let the dogs out for one more potty break before bed last night. When they came in, Toe ran to his dog bed in the living room and began chewing on something.

I was in the bathroom... (I'm tellin' ya, everything happens when I'm in the bathroom....)

Furry Husband asked me if I'd given Toe anything to chew on.

No, I hadn't.

Then Furry Husband says, "Can you come here? .... Quick?"

"O.k." and I finish up with washing my face or brushing my teeth ... whatever I was doing in there.

"That's not quick!" he says and there is some urgency to his voice.

I come out of the bathroom and he has Toe's muzzle in his hand. "Look."

I start to look at Toe's mouth thinking I need to fish something out or he's cut himself or something....

"No. Look down."

Lying on Toe's front paws is a big ol' dead vole. It is wet and it's fur is all spikey from being in Toe's mouth and being chewed on.... gross, gross, gross!

I picked it up by the tail, put on my birkenstocks and headed outdoors to toss it in the field. Eww, ewww, ewwww!
Furry Husband got these shots... Toe didn't want to give up his "prize".

That is IT Punkin. That is the last straw! I'm not playin' with you any more. You keep bringing these voles into the yard and you've left me no choice.

Your catnip supply is cut OFF!


DebH said...

Holy Vole!! Yuck Yuck Yuck..I don't think we have those in my neck of the woods and glad I don't cuzz kittys would be leaving me surprises too!

Shanster said...

I know! I've never seen so many as I have this year, all thanks to Punkn. Either Punkin has become expert vole killer or they are abundant cuz of the rains we had this year...

Dead voles are no fun... uck.

Heather said...

Oh sick! You touched it!!! Seems little Toe has acquired a taste for blood! :)

Shanster said...

No kidding! It WAS gross and I washed up after like a Dr. going into surgery....