Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm still here!

Here we are to see Bob Marley... My custom bumper stickers were a hit. Bob came on stage and I put my sticker on... he noticed you could tell by his facial expression.

Then I think Furry Husband and Sally put their stickers on.... and you could see Bob Marley's face recognize more "fans of Marley otherwise known as Farleys"... then Shonda and Paul put theirs on and Harry put his on... Bob Marley's face sorta lit up as the whole front row morphed into hard core Farleys.

We were all sitting FRONT ROW and CENTER.

So close we could reach out and touch our favorite comedian. It really was a hilarious show... we all laughed until we cried...
Then there was mountain biking... more for Shonda and Paul, the fit, coordinated people. I walked our 3 dogs and had a good time. It was a spectacular day.
Look! We are fit and trim and we eat pudgy people like you for breakfast!
We drove up to Red Feather to see this crazy Buddhist Stupa. Well. The Dali Lama doesn't think it's crazy. He came to bless it and give some speeches a couple years ago but regular folk like us couldn't get there, only the up and up Buddhists.

It's sorta odd cuz it's just right in the middle of the mountains and you wouldn't think there would be this elaborate, shiny temple...

They had these bamboo poles with little bird silhouettes tied on long strings so they'd "fly" - I thought those were purty durn kewl. Those Buddhists.... they do the neatest, most peaceful things!

Then Shonda and Paul left and we were so overcome by sadness we've been in mourning ever since... 'sniffle'

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DebH said...

Sounds like you were the hit of the party at the Farley show!! Beautiful hike/bike photos and what a way to enjoy the last days of summer! Cold is creeping in around here at night and I am starting to fret about snow, wind and ice! It makes it more bearable to look back on photos and see how gorgeous the summer is during those times. You are incentive to put a few outside photos on the blog, just for the looking forward to summer again time.