Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House guests....

We have house guests arriving tonight! My best friend from high school, Shonda, and her husband, Paul, are coming... they normally reside in Fairbanks, AK and it is a HUGE deal for them to be in the lower 48.

They'll stay with us through Saturday, then head out to UT for some extreme Moab mountain biking.

We have all sorts of activities planned... one of which is to see Furry Husband's and my favorite comedian, Bob Marley.

How odd is it that he's playing at the Comedy Works in Denver this week? He isn't a cool, black reggae dude but a skinny, dorky, white guy from Maine... complete with Maine accent. He is wicked funny!

Fans of Bob Marley are referred to as a "Farleys". Because I am such a dork, I had bumper stickers made up that say FARLEY.

Our friends Harry and Sally are meeting us the Comedy Works, I'll hand out the bumper stickers to everyone so we can plaster them all over our clothes.

Furry Husband gets a pained look on his face when I tell him of my plans and wonders why I am compelled to do stuff like this.... it looks like it physically hurts him.

My answer?



DebH said...

Have a Blast and I think the Bumper Sticker idea is hysterical!!

Melinda said...

Mine just shakes his head at me nearly everyday...Oh well!


Have a blast..

You would love my dogs..BOB AND MARLEY !!!!!For real!

Shanster said...

DebH - I'll TRY to remember my camera this time!

Last time we saw this guy was a year or more ago and I had t-shirts made with his picture on them.

He was so appreciative, he gave us free cd's and videos that he was selling of his material after the show. So I'm happy to make fools out of all of us in order to show our support of his comedy!

Melinda - your dog, Bob, IS the cutest!!

Heather said...

In case you need any extra entertainment for your house guest (or your self), check out this website I just found. Literally had me on the floor!
Oh, and probably not safe for work. :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Keep being your weird self. Isn't it wild that you have friends named Harry & Sally? Do they get kidded about it?

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You have friends named Harry and Sally? And you're going to see a white dude from Maine named Bob Marley? That's too funny. The sticker idea too - pictures next week?