Thursday, August 27, 2009

No one should live this way....

Remember when we did the goat petting thing for Wilbur's liquor store? Well, I met a couple of people who for dietary reasons wanted to buy goat milk from me.

This puts me in a conundrum (good word - conundrum).

In CO you can not legally sell goat milk for human consumption unless you are a Grade A dairy and there is NO way I'm becoming a Grade A dairy... see this post.

But good God. This woman called me tonight from this Wilbur's liquor store deal... and she's telling me she can't drink cow milk and can only have goat milk but she's bought the goat milk from the store and it's horrible. (I've never tried it but I've heard it is completely and totally disgusting and non-edible. Like me trying to get whiskey past my nose I expect only much more thick and milky...gag)

I told her about how we have taste tests at our house with all our friends who are completely grossed out over goat milk. We buy some whole cows milk from the store and we put it in a glass side by side with our goat milk... ONE person in 6 yrs picked the goat milk correctly (and I think it was a fluke and he just got lucky since it's a 50/50 shot). Everyone else chose the cow milk, just SURE that one was the goat milk - and I'm talkin' young kids, teenagers, old people like us... not any of them could detect the true and for real goat milk. When we tell them nope.... they are so shocked, they all exclaim how sweet our goat milk is and how good it tastes and GASP there is no goatie flavor.

And I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the bad rap goats get. If you handle the milk properly, you shouldn't get a goatie flavor... they are wonderful little critters and we love, love, love the milk they give us!

K - so now that I'm all full of goat love and I know you are too... everyone is feelin' the goat love in the room right? Right?! How can you not think that is cute? Oh I love me those goaties!

This lady calls me... she has dietary issues. She's been making almond milk and other nut milk and drinking it and making yogurt from this nut milk. She wants to come out and see our goats this Saturday and try the milk.

How do you say no to someone like this?

No one and I mean NO ONE should have to live on nut milk. Dude. Seriously. That just ain't right.

I called our favorite goat people, The Larsons, and asked for advice. I call them for everything. I really love the Larson family. Each and every single one of 'em. Luckily, they had the number of a woman who runs a raw milk dairy and she has both raw cow milk and raw goat milk.

I called the nut milk lady back. I gave her directions to our place and told her I'm happy to give her a gallon of our milk to try for free. She can have the goat experience and see the goats and know they are happy and fun and we can all geek out over the wonderfullness of goats. After that, she can go to this raw milk dairy and I explained the milk laws in CO to her.

I really hate passing up an opportunity to promote the goat. I love them. They have a bad rap and it's my personal mission to change the world's mind one person at a time. Like the Blues Brothers. "I'm on a mission from Gad."

I called the raw milk dairy and picked their brains a bit... they were WONDERFUL and gave me a website to visit about raw milk and the rules about selling milk via dairy shares. People can sign a contract and buy a part of your goat for milk. I'm gonna check it out cuz I feel awful telling people who are drinking NUT MILK of all things that no, I can't sell you my goat milk, but boy howdy is it delicious! MMMMM, MMM!


Heather said...

Its a moral dilemma for sure. Though, I think goat milk is probably a good reason to break the law. How do you make nut milk?

PS- nice cutoffs! :)

Shanster said...

Heather - I don't even wanna know how someone gets milk from a nut. Um - not in a dirty way either...

See? I TOLD you I have cutoffs... but they are strictly farm wear.

My old, sagging body and Sheila the fat roll can not in good concience subject the pub-lick to that sight. grin

Angie said...

Maybe you could trade a bag of grain or a bale of hay for some of your goat milk??

Shanster said...

Angie - yes! My hay lady trades me hay already. I absolutely LOVE bartering. A guy at work has a wife who knits..I got a really fun scarf from her for my cheese and I'm also getting lots of garden veggies from co-workers!