Tuesday, August 11, 2009



I'm warning you.

This post could cause your skin to crawl and your scalp to itch.

I was in the garden square working around my tiny pond. I was fertilizing the water hyacinths and I wanted to pull some of the spent leaves/flowers from my lily pads.

I'm on my hands and knees face near the water and I see something move out of the corner of my eye...

"Water bug", I think.

I see it again. (do you hear the Jaws music? cuz I do)

I turn my attention to it and look closely...

It is a tadpole.

I squint my eyes and peer into the water.... (que the shower scene music from Psycho)


All sizes... swimmin' around in there!

Those damn toads! They weren't just eatin' bugs and singing with contentment... it was a complete toad orgy bow chikka bow bow in my little pond and they squeezed out millions of eggs and now I can picture the water churning and frothing and erupting with toads one day.... like The Birds only much more amphibious.

Now I'm afraid to stick my hands in the water .... what if there is some big mother toad at the bottom squeezing out eggs like that mother alien Sigourney Weaver had to battle?

What are they even eating in there?? The big ones are eating the smaller ones? Are they damaging my lillies?

Furry Husband is amused at my horror. He added the movie, Frogs, to our Netflix account.

He is so supportive and loving.....


DebH said...

ok..go take a photo..up close and I gotta see. That is kinda cool that they found your little paradise to proliferate in..way too funny!!

Shanster said...

I dunno if they'll show up on camera? I can try but they are pretty small. Toad-poles are a lot smaller than frog-poles...

Cheryl said...

Wow, yeah, what are they eating in there? And how did they get there in the first place? Do toads roam around the country looking for uninhabited ponds to take over? Anyway, I guess the tadpoles eat bugs, right? But then how would tadpoles catch bugs? I agree with DebH. A bit of investigating (a photo) is in order. Maybe make furry husband take it?

Christen said...

OMG to friggen funny:) Shan I love reading your things they just make me laugh:)

Dedene said...

"I'm a little green frog swimming in the watta. A little green frog doing what I outta."

I was sure you were going to say that there was a water snake!!! But frogs I can handle.
Good luck, but they are probably not dangerous.

Shanster said...

Cheryl - I'll give it a try this weekend... but no promises. They are really small!

Christen - I miss you!

Dedene - no - not dangerous... just slimy and a gazillion of 'em!

Madame K said...

LMAO @ bow chikka bow bow.

olivia said...

LOL! Awesome ... having frogs/toads is a good thing. Means your little oasis is a healthy and happy place. ;-)