Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wilbur's Goat Extravaganza

Once a year, we take a few goat kids to Wilbur's Liquor Store in Ft. Collins for the human kids. It's next to Whole Foods and a strip mall that includes a PetCo and a fitness center. It is one of the BUSIEST parking lots in Ft. Collins.

Why do we do this?

The owner of Wilbur's loves baby goats and he has a bunch of grand-children so I guess his mind just "goes there". I know - liquor store and children don't really mix but damn, when you have children, I'm guessing you've gotta drink so um, the parents are still going to the liquor store with tots in tow and one Saturday the tots get to pet goats.

It is a mad house of people and questions and children! Mostly people ask why we cut the ears off of our goats... or what happened to their ears... or how long does it take for the ears to grow in? And since our goats are Lamanchas, they are born with teeny little ears which are called gopher ears and I say that 3,278 times in two hours.

The other big question is what happened to their heads? Is that how the horns grow in? and they are referring to the scabs from the disbudding process... we explain that horns = injured goats and udders and goats stuck in fences so we have a vet come and disbud them so the horns never grow in. I am always terrified that a militant PETA member is going to show up and give me what fer. It hasn't happened yet.

Awwww - someone even brought a puppy but our goat doesn't like puppies so much and wants to smash it...
The Wilbur's Goat Extravaganza is fun but usually pretty exhausting.
The Annual Goat Fest we have at our house is MUCH more fun for us! We eat and drink and catch up with our friends.... oh, and we play with goats. We start out here and end up running around in the pasture watching the children and goat kids play laughing our fool heads off.When we have our Annual Goat Fest at home, it's the children that get plum tuckered out instead of us!


Dedene said...

That's sweet of you to do that for Wilbur. I'm sure the city kids appreciate petting the goats.
I would love to see your Goat Festival. That sounds like a hoot!

Heather said...

Does Wilbur pay you in booze for this?

Shanster said...

Dedene - it IS a hoot! Lots of fun and TONS of food!

Heather - there might be some Tommynocker Maple from the Idaho Springs Brewrey involved...

Foxxy said...

Sounds like big fun. I love liquor stores and I could be induced to love baby goats. You can't go wrong. The last picture of the little girl and dog is very cute. I think the dog is wiped out.

DebH said...

That is extremely "COOL"!
What a better way to get a little Goat Recognition and let people experience the fun!! You are definitely my kind of people!!