Friday, August 7, 2009

Steve Martin

OH how I love this man. LOVE him. I wrote in and signed up for his fan club back in like 1976 or 1977... when he was at his height of the song King Tut... bunny ears... wild and crazy guy.

Sometimes I have dreams with Steve Martin in them and in my dreams I am always laughing ... so hard in fact that I wake myself up LAUGHING. Which is so much better than waking up screaming...

He wrote two novellas recently - I was afraid to read them because I have Steve Martin on this high pedestal and what if he couldn't write? What if his books were awful? Would he be a pompus jerk?

I don't know what I was worried about, both books were great! Shopgirl, was made into a delightful, wonderful movie if you haven't seen it and The Pleasure of My Company actually brought tears to my eyes.

Now the multi-talented man has released a CD called "The Crow" - a compilation of banjo songs he's written. It's not a comedy album - it's a real, live, music album. In fact one of the songs, Late for School, hit the Bluegrass charts.
Steve Martin is the reason I love the banjo... it didn't hurt that my Mom took me to a lot of bluegrass music festivals when I was growing up and several of her friends played... I sat through many a pickin' session 'round a campfire and the banjo was always the instrument I loved best.

Guess what? Steve Martin is coming to DENVER in Rocktober! (our favorite month - both my and Furry Husband's birthdays fall in Rocktober)

When I was done having full on conniption fits (and folks that ain't pretty) at the table after Furry Husband read the news to me from the paper, I bought tickets today at 10am when they went on sale... I got third row seats - off to the left vs. center but still.... third row to see STEVE FREAKIN' MARTIN!

Oh happy day!


i know nothing said...

Hey Shanster!
I went with an older girlfriend and her hubby's boss's wife (too many possessives?) to Harrah's Reno to see B.J. Thomas (Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, Hooked on a Feeling, etc), and opening for him was Steve Martin. We had front row seats, the boss was connected. This was about 1977 and we had never heard of him. We laughed SO hard that our stomach muscles still hurt the next day. It was Let's Get Small and the Absentminded Waiter and lots more, all new. Hilarious! And loved him since. You'll have such a good time!

Shanster said...

Oh YOU are so lucky! I can't wait to see him... you've made me even MORE excited ... if that is even humanly possible?

DebH said...

I would love a Steve Martin show and would be sitting right beside you!! I liked everything he has done and to see it in person..oh what a Hoot!! That will be a Blast and leave you laughing for days!

Anonymous said...

Steve's great, and you're lucky to be able to see him live.

Have a great Sunday!

Shanster said...

DebH - I'm really excited... I know he's sorta mellowed out with age but I just LOVE that guy!

Dedene - I know - I'm completely geeked about it too!!