Monday, August 3, 2009

Snowballing, greegree, bad voodoo

Here are some very wise words about Rosso, the naughty horse, from my trainer that I love and trust and have known since I was 18 yrs old.

I know you are bugged about Rosso. Just chill. It will be fine; seriously. Honestly, any one of our horses has the capability to dump us on our ass at any given moment.

When he really understands that dumping you is a very BAD option he will stop. He is not stupid or mean.

No snowballing, bad voodoo and greegree.


Kelley said...

Nice!!! : )
So True... so true.....

Shanster said...

I guess. Still when your horse is being a complete cow, you sure feel incompetent and like a complete failure! I have a little black rain cloud following me... tho I told Rex she HAS to make fun of me when we are past this and doing well... just so I remember how worthless I felt and how temporary it can all be! :)