Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheese mishap...

We are down to one milking doe, Spot, and it takes a few days now to save enough milk for a 2 gallon batch o' cheese. I wanted to make a big ol' batch of feta cheese and I was going to try to infuse the feta with basil...

Yum-MY right?

Well Furry Husband and I were cookin' dinner while I was doing the cheese thing and we started having a couple glasses of wine and the next thing you know it was time for the next feta step but I was busy drinking wine and I thought, "Oh, I'll get to it in a minute..."

Famous last words.

I forgot the cheese.

I woke up at 3am and thought about the cheese.

I didn't get up. But I thought 'bout that cheese....

The next day, in my sleep haze and rush to do something with the forgotten cheese, (yeah, like why the rush? It was already like 9 hrs past when I was supposed to do something with it - duh Shanster)

Anyway, I skipped 2 steps.

I didn't look at my directions.

Instead of cutting the curd and cooking the curd, I dumped a bunch of basil in and poured it in cheese cloth to drain.

It smelled strong like feta cuz I added lipase in the very beginning..... but it was soft and creamy like chevre. It was my "Basil Infused Feta/Not Feta Cheese Mistake".

This is what we did with it and it was DELICIOUS!

Pita bread spread with my "Basil Infused Feta/Not Feta Cheese Mistake", topped with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and cubed chicken breast. Toasted those lovely little pita rounds in the oven til things were all toasty and melty.

Can you say MMMMM?

I hope I make more cheese mistakes like that!


Heather said...

Oh. God. Please. Stop!!!! Was it whole basil leaves or chopped? Do you ever make sweet cheese with honey or nuts?

Shanster said...

Chopped... and YES. Honey and cinnamon with walnuts. Nirvana.

Shanster said...
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Kelley said...

Mistakes can be great... it's just making sure you know WHAT mistakes you make, so if they turn out well you can do it again. Sounds like you are RIGHT on track!!! YAY Good Cheese!!! : )