Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time suck....

Sunday morning I got up at 5:30am... yes, 5:30am on a Sunday... to clean stalls for my trainer because I am a complete whore for lessons and when I fill in for her working students when they want a day off, I earn lessons.

I ran home, loaded up my girl, Sera - had my lesson - got home in time to take a shower and 15 minutes later Kylee arrived for our play date.

I took Kylee ( my little sister from the mentoring program ) to this dinner theatre activity they set up. I expected it to go a couple hours... maybe even 3 hrs cuz I knew lunch was included. Damn thing went ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON... four and one half hours later, it was finally over.

The play was o.k. - it was a 1950's era thing with a Fonzie like character and a motorbike and a soda shop. It was a musical. The food was mediocre. It was free so I'm not complaining...
Well yeah, I guess I AM complaining cuz the thing was SO effing LONG.

I mean how much of an attention span do they think kids have anyway? I was checking my watch on the sly, when intermission came and it was 3pm, I wanted to bang my head on the table over and over until I passed out so when I woke up it'd be over.

I bet I would have enjoyed it all much, much more if it wasn't FOUR and a HALF hours LONG.

Adding to the misery was the fact that Kylee's mom gave her a Benadryl for allergies and she was sleepy and non-communicative for the afternoon.

I should be a nicer person but dang - it is HARD to give up 1/2 of a day on something like that. I still do it and Kylee has no idea that it is sometimes hard for me - she can't hear the conversation going on in my head. I sure look like a nice person on the outside..... but inside.... man I am one selfish Shanster!


Heather said...

Maybe you shouldn't do such 'kid friendly' activities with her. Try teaching her to clean goat pens or make goat cheese. You get chores done, she gets her hands dirty and stays out of trouble!

DebH said...

Boy are you one patient soul, I think I would of had to lie and blamed it on the flu and bolted. It is awfully nice of you to go that extra mile though. The mentoring program sure sounds like a good cause. I don't think there is such a thing in our area. What a good Deed! I saw a program on the news last night on Giving..29 Days of Giving. You are suppose to do 1 thing a day for 29 days. Be it donate your time, efforts or just give a compliment. Make Note of it and after 29 Days it makes a person keep on doing it. I am going to try to remember at least once a day, to give something. I started yesterday without realizing it and helped an elderly lady find a few items in a grocery store she was having a really hard time with. It did feel good!!

Foxxy said...

Four and a half hours? Man that sucks. You are a trooper for "staying the course". I think "selfish Shanster" may be smarter than us all because if you give in to her you wouldn't have lost 4.5 hours. hahahahahaha

Shanster said...

Heather - maybe.. I try to mix in some things I'd like and some things she'd like. The last sponsored activity we went to was this street dancing troupe and they were AWESOME! This one tho... two thumbs down!

DebH - inspiring idea! Sounds like you already do a lot with the bum calves you bring home! Yes, I have to keep remembering Kylee is in the program for a reason and my job is to give her some down time away from some of her hardships... it's not always easy and I try to keep it in perspective.

Foxxy - I know huh? I think selfish Shanster is gonna win out this weekend tho'. Maybe rent a movie and stay in this weekend AFTER my day is over!

olivia said...

I like Heather's idea! That might be fun for Kylee to learn more about ... at least it gives you something different to do. Dinner theatre for 4 1/2h would be hard to take, I agree w/ you there ... lol.

Cheryl said...

Wow, four and a half hours! Course the stage version of Nicholas Nickleby was twelve hours long (seen over two nights) but it doesn't sound like the musical you saw has the same appeal. And did Kylee enjoy it? I can;t imagine any of my nieces or nephews sitting that long.

Hope you had lots of food!

Shanster said...

Olivia - yes, I do have her help me clean horse pens and help me corral baby goats and bottle feed... I think I picked a really bad activity this time around!

Cheryl - I think she was o.k. but she was in her benadryl induced coma! Lucky!