Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm alone!

Furry Husband is headed up to Grand Junction this weekend for a disc golf tournament. He's staying with our friends Mo & Do (Dorothy).

He made a huge batch of the better than sex spaghetti sauce for me cuz he worries I won't eat when he's gone.... as if.
Looks like I'll be eating spaghetti on my toast, in my cereal, with chips, in my salad, spaghetti protein shakes, spaghetti appetizers, spaghetti for dessert, breakfast, lunch and dinner... mmmmmmm!
I have a list of stuff to get done... weeding, weeding, weeding, riding horses, cleaning horse/goat pens along with the house... trying to get a step ahead of our little place. *snort - riiiiiight!*


DebH said...

now you got me craving some spaghetti..I think that is going to be the menu tonite!! Thanks!! Man that sounds good:)

Foxxy said...

If the spaghetti your hubby left tastes as good as the pictures you posted you are set. I think it is very sweet that he wants to make sure you eat while he's gone.

Cheryl said...

Can I have the recipe for that better than sex pasta sauce? My friends and I could really use it, he, he.

How did your weekend go?

Shanster said...

Hellooooo! Yup that spaghetti is so good. I'm serious when I say it's better than sex!

It IS sweet Furry wants to make sure I'll eat when he is gone, but he should know by now that is NEVER a concern. I always, always eat!

Yes, I'll post that recipie cuz it is truly amazing! MMMMMMMM