Friday, June 12, 2009

The one that got away....

I'm looking for a retro 1950's metal glider bench for that little patio I made in my garden. I've been watching Craigslist in my area and monitoring e-bay. I've been to the Ft. Collins flea markets .. no dice.

Today I found a bench like this one in hot pink. It was in Denver. I called the guy and told him I wanted it.
"Yeah, you and about 10 other people." he replied.
I told him I could give him a CC number over the phone. He didn't do that. Cash only.
I told him I'd be in Denver tomorrow morning. He said Saturday he was unavailable.
I was having major heart palpitations.... I. WANT. THIS. GLIDER.
I called Furry Husband breathless... "Who do you know in Denver that could go pay for this glider bench? NOW! NOW! I need a name NOW!"
Poor Furry Husband recognizes that crazed, desperate edge to my voice and doesn't ask questions... he only gives answers when I'm like that.
He gave me his buddy Chris's number. Chris wasn't working today... I called Chris over and over and he never did answer his cell.
I sent a desperate e-mail out to my Mom and Sister in Denver.... no response.
I called my good friend Sally and asked if there was any way possible she might slip away from her office in Denver to stop by this place and pay the guy $107.80 in cash. ($100 plus tax) I could pick it up on Sunday and I'd pay her right back.
I love Sally. LOVE her to pieces!
I called the guy, he didn't answer but I left a breathless and semi-coherent message, "Please don't sell it! My friend is coming to pay for it... she's on her way! I know your name is Dan but I told her your name was Dave ... please don't sell it out from under me!"
Sally called to make sure he still had it as she walked out of her office....
Bastard sold it right out from under me! He'd just loaded it on someone else's truck....

I'm headed to Denver with a girlfriend tomorrow to hit the Ballpark Flea Market held once a month downtown, next to Coor's Field to look for my glider bench. I might have to stop by Dan's house to throw a few eggs and rotten tomatoes his way.... heh, heh, heh (evil maniacal laughter fades out this post)


Heather said...

Hot Pink???

Cheryl said...

What a jerk! But, I bet you find something far better at the flea market. I'll cross my fingers for you.

DebH said...

That is cool..Good luck on the search! It will be all the sweeter when you find just the right one now!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a rat! And to think of Sally running over there. Well, I'm sure you'll find something better.
PS. Love the furniture in your pic.

Foxxy said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get your glider. I do find it hilarious that Furry Husband knows the deal and doesn't ask questions.

Shanster said...

Heather - Yes! What a nice focal piont in a garden full of green eh?

Cheryl - Thank-you! I DID find something but I have to polyurethane it first... and I'll post soon!

DebH - you are right! It WAS sweeter!

Dedene - I know! Those 50's gliders are way cool!

Foxxy - yes - he is smart and knows exactly when to stand the heck BACK! :)