Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red horse update

Yikes - how can a week go by without a post??

We'll start with the red horses to begin to catch y'all up.

Sera was due for a tooth floating. I normally do her teeth in the spring and my vet didn't have ppwk showing I'd had her teeth done last year. Weird... ?

I took her down the road to the vet and her teef were awful! She doesn't have any physical deformities or anything... but there were lots o' hooks and points and ulcers in her cheeks from the sharp teeth.

Poor Sera...

I thought about it and I think that was around the time my sister wanted to move my Dad and he was declining rapidly and it was huge stress to me so I must've forgotten to get my girl in for her dental work. Whoops. They are done now.

I took Sera home and loaded up Rosso.

His cataract grew maybe 1 millimeter and it seems to be getting more dense. There are changes to the cataract and we would really, really prefer to see nothing new. There is still sight and he seems very unaffected by it all... he isn't spooky, he isn't painful... he doesn't seem to care at all.

The prognosis is guarded but optimistic - he will keep his eye.

Fingers crossed.

I have a hard time watching when the needle is that close to his eye but I got some pix for all y'all. When it's all over, he has tears of blood... gross.

ooooo - i'm feelin awful sleepy.... full o' tranquilizers so he doesn't jerk his head during injections
dun dun duuuuunnnnn - the cataract

Steroid injections...

Injections create that pocket o' steroid fluid in his eye tissue, hopefully stopping the cataract so he can keep his eye.


Heather said...

Poor sleepy horse! I've missed your posting lately! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rosso and his eye!

Shanster said...

Thanks! I always wonder how my trivial little life could be of much interest!! grin. The good thing tho' is that he loads without any hesitation now, he doesn't rush out backwards from the trailer... he loaded in the stocks really well and backed out of them very nicely as well.

Did I tell ya I am teaching him and my old horse tricks? I'm a big dork but it keeps me entertained. Figure it helps keep their minds active ... shrug. Can't hurt. (and NO tricks where they grab anything out of my pocket or off my head... don't need any mouthy horses learning to bite! heh heh)

DebH said...

Been wondering where you've been and what mischief you could be doing?? Busy is the word lately, and I've been having just enough time to check in on posts. Good to hear on Rossos eye and on the teeth is scarey how a year can disappear and you not realize it! I lost a couple days last week and truly am not sure what happened to Tues and Wednesday??!

Shanster said...

Yup, busy is right! And I can't imagine how busy YOU are with all those babies! :) Time flies ... seems to speed up as we age dontcha think? Yikes!